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Posted by: John Brace | November 19, 2012

Employment and Appointments Committee (Wirral Council) 15th November 2012: Compromise Contracts and Grievance Policy Changes

Last Thursday’s Employment and Appointments Committee had the usual regular report on attendance. However it was the new Employee Relations Performance Report that received some press coverage in the Wirral News about the large percentage of employees that have had dealings with Human Resources in the Department of Adult Social Services (which according to the quote in the article from the Director mainly involve “absence management”). An extension to the current Occupational Health contract with Capita Health and Well being was also agreed.

Changes to the Grievance Policy were also agreed with the aims of the changes to speed up the process and give more of a role to line managers.

Outside of the more high-profile compromise contracts reported in the media, compromise contracts totalling nearly £100,000 covering three employees had been agreed by officers.

The agenda and reports for this meeting can be read on Wirral Council’s website.

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