Posted by: John Brace | 27th April 2015

Saughall Massie residents ask Wirral Council for reasons why greenbelt site suggested for new fire station

Saughall Massie residents ask Wirral Council for reasons why greenbelt site suggested for new fire station

Dan Stephens (Chief Fire Officer) answers questions at a public consultation meeting in Saughall Massie to discuss proposals for a new fire station (20th April 2015)

Dan Stephens (Chief Fire Officer) answers questions at a public consultation meeting in Saughall Massie to discuss proposals for a new fire station (20th April 2015)

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service consultation meeting Saughall Massie 20th April 2015 Part 3 of 4

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service consultation meeting Saughall Massie 20th April 2015 Part 4 of 4

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service consultation meeting Saughall Massie 20th April 2015 Playlist of all parts 1-4

Continues from Saughall Massie residents express their opposition to fire station plans at first consultation meeting.

A member of the audience asked why Upton fire station couldn’t just be enlarged? Dan Stephens replied that if they did that, then it would increase response times to the West Kirby station area. He repeated what he had said earlier about how they couldn’t afford two fire stations and it was best to have one as close to the middle of the two existing fire stations as they could get.

Someone asked whether a completed risk assessment had been carried out on the impact on traffic of a new fire station in Saughall Massie? The answer was that such issues would be picked up in a future planning application. The Chief Fire Officer pointed out again that the roads in Wirral were no more challenging than roads elsewhere in Merseyside.

The next woman brought up environmental issues, heritage issues, property prices and said “my life will be definitely be blighted by this fire station” and she wanted to know “how it’s going to affect me here”. The Chief Fire Officer explained that his role was to be held to account for community safety matters. He said that the issues she had raised were ones for a planning committee to consider.

She asked a further question about why the proposal in Greasby had been thrown out and whether that was planning? The Chief Officer answered “No” and explained that they hadn’t got to the planning stage at Greasby. He added that they didn’t own the land at Greasby and the offer of the land had been withdrawn. Such questions would have to be asked of Wirral Council.

David Armstrong (Wirral Council) answered that the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority had approached Wirral Council to find a site. Three sites were identified in a built up area, one of which was the one in Greasby. That site didn’t go ahead “for a number of reasons” so they broadened the search out.

Mr Armstrong was next asked what the reasons were that they hadn’t proceeded with the Greasby site. Councillor Chris Blakeley gave his opinion that he thought the Council wanted to “make politics out of it”. Kieran Timmins chairing the meeting reminded Councillor Blakeley that it was not a political meeting.

“What reasons?” was asked again of David Armstrong. He answered, “As the idea developed, as the feedback came from the consultation meetings, as we looked at it more closely and we tried to explore it with the community centre who didn’t sign up to it at all. We looked into issues of grant which we’d had government grant to extend the library and the children’s centre et cetera, et cetera it became obvious that that scheme was not going to work. It was still important to have the consultation which you’re having now. The Council has done no more than cooperate with the fire service to have discussion about the fire safety of 26,000 people.

We started out looking at the sites that weren’t greenbelt and weren’t green space. There were three in Greasby. One was a triangular piece of land next to the cricket club that the Council owned which didn’t work because the fire service for understandable reasons like to have a site where they can take the fire tender in, drive it in, they need a substantial sized site.

We looked at a piece of land that the Council owns next to the second roundabout, not the Sainsburys one, the one nearest Greasby which has a dead-end spur into a piece of land. It’s leased to the Woodland Trust for 100 years. It’s very close to Upton, it didn’t give the fire service the location it needed.

That left us then with the Greasby site. When it became apparent that that wasn’t going to work, we broadened the search out we looked at the greenbelt sites and we presented them to the Fire Authority and that’s all we’ve done to have this discussion and debate because as Dan [Stephens] said earlier the decision will have to be made at the end of the day as to whether that can work in terms of fire safety, whether it would work for the people that live there and all those things would have to be brought together.

The Council has yet to reach a decision on whether to release the land, it will await the outcome of this consultation, that will feed into things and a report that will go to Council. If the Fire Authority wish to pursue this option because they’ve got that decision to make, if they do that, if the Fire Authority come back to the Council and say this is the only option, we’d like to pursue this, the Council will have to make a decision whether or not to release the site.

If the Council did decide to release the site, the Fire Authority then would have to apply for planning permission and an entirely separate process within the Council and that again would address all the issues, the environmental issues, the location issues, the planning issues as well.”

Details of how to respond to the consultation are here. The consultation closes on the 18th May 2015.

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  1. English politics are great, they have two stations but can’t afford to run them, good one Tories! so they need to build a new one! so can’t the money going on a new one go to the two stations to keep them open!

    Then we have Greasby and the Council waiting on a consultion, so you guess is as good as mine on the overall cost of that!

    Then we have people moaning that its going to lower their house value, etc,
    if they have to close two and need to build a new one, pick a spot in the centre and build the damn thing for christ sake, all those that moan , once their house goes up in flames maybe they will be grateful that the guys in blue were there for them.
    Yeah English politics, makes you wonder how we had an Empire!

  2. G’day John

    Mayor’s Diary

    Friday 1 May

    10.00 am – The Mayor will present attendance certificates to pupils at St Joseph’s Primary School.

    I would plead with the pupils of my alma mater to take the day off in protest to his inaction of my and “Highbrows” whistle blowing.

    Who does he think he is?

    Going to my Catholic School.

    I was taught at St Josephs to be honest open and transparent.



  3. G’day John

    I wonder how many senior people at Wirral live on the Wirral?

    Wirral youthworker is Cheshire woman of the year

    John some certainly appear to not care about what goes on even with their colleagues.



    Where does Ecca live?

  4. C’mon Clowncillor Reprahnehpets

    Defend your ridiculous law!



  5. Good God! Look at the size of the man! That Dan’s a man who keeps fit, looks after himself and has frequent access to a gymnasium. You’d be an odd sort of fish if you bumped into him at some Ale House bar, howled, ‘you’ve spilt me ale. Outside now you big ninny’.
    He’d hammer you. Just look at the man. Well I ain’t fighting him. He’s never done anything to me and whilst were separated by at least 108 miles, we mix in completely different circles and he doesn’t get tempted to cuckold me with my horror of a wife of forty one years, you’ll not find me picking a fight and looking for trouble with him.
    There’s an air of Desperate Dan about this fella and if he says he’s going to close the Firestation down, it’s all because of cuts and he threatens to turn you into a vegetable sucking oxtail soup out of a straw for the next six months while your laid up in bed watching the nurses drift by if you even consider disagreeing with him, I say, we form a gang, gather together and with whatever pieces of wood we can lay our hands on we go to the next meeting, tell him exactly what we think and make ready for him leaving the stage to beat the living day lights out of us and collectively defend ourselves with the aforementioned bits of timber.
    And that’s it. Unless you are built similarly, you’ve a very high pain threshold and you’ve illicitly acquired a rocket launcher and you aim is good, I say, stay well away from this fella. No good will come of you raising any objections to his plan to deliver you a positive outcome that you can be sure he passionately believes in.
    God he’s big isn’t he. You don’t get to look like that if you’ve walked in my shoes!

  6. G’day John and Bobby

    Lovely work both of you.

    Well worth the read Brian May’s Common Decency site

    Why is this campaign necessary?

    Answer: There is no doubt that Britain is in a desperate state, our democracy having effectively broken down. Our country has probably never, ever, been so riddled with unfairness and inequality, and this is no accident.

    So John and Bobby I am waiting with baited breath for an apology from Wirral for “Highbrow” and my good self not to mention justice.

    C’mon Ecca we are waiting your call.

    Or, has “The Shyster” told you to keep your gob shut like “The Chamber Potty” and “The Football Shit”?



    Ps Reprahnehpets you ridiculous law is failing and so is “The Shyster”. Silence is an admission.

  7. G’day John

    VISITORS to Liscard came face-to-face with an unusual sight today as a 30ft Christmas tree was erected in the town.

    There may be 240 days to go until the big day but Liscard shoppers will be in for a festive treat tomorrow, Wednesday, as reindeer, snow and even Santa himself make an appearance.

    I wonder if “The Pretend Friend” will don his usual suit if he can stay up?

    I wonder how many Clowncillors will be there celebrating Xmas in advance of the election?

    It is always Xmas for these overpaid gob shuts and they will be there to take the credit for Xmas.



  8. G’day John

    I can understand you abiding by the political Purda John but can you explain why the Clowncilors have a Purda about saying anything at all negative about senior officers who lie both publicly and privately for the period of one year between elections?



    Ps An example of this is your taping of Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods 8 October 2014 were “The Football Shirt” and “Humpty Dumpty” spoke bollocks (as usual).

    Good luck Ecca you will need it.

  9. G’day John

    I wonder how many clowncillors were in Liscard last night at rent a crowd to lie and promise Xmas every day for a cross in a box?



    Believe them at your peril they can’t lie straight in bed.

    Wirral Gate Big ISUS & Working Neighbourhoods Etc

    Wirral Gate Big ISUS & Working Neighbourhoods Etc

    Wirral Gate Big ISUS & Working Neighbourhoods Etc

  10. G’day John

    Burglars target Liscard Post Office in early morning raid

    “The Pretend Friend” sometimes gets around in a red suit he didn’t crash his reindeer did he?



  11. G’day John

    Looking at What do they know Wirral.

    You are an evil vexatious a barstard as Paul, Martin and “Highbrow” according to them.

    In other words you have continually caught them out each of you.

    I think they mistake calling people vexatious as being open honest and transparent.

    Would I trust them before you three?

    No effing way.



    Ps I have never had an FOI refused.

    Because I have never put one in.

    Beverly Edwards offered to put one in for me but she was obviously stopped so I have always known it is a waste of time.

    They are just deceitful scum.

    Vote only new faces.

  12. G’day John

    Some interesting reading




    There is not one person at Wirral that I would more faith in than Martin







    Bet you can’t wait for Friday night’s drunken ramblings.

  13. G’day John

    I haven’t even opened the cheap cider yet John but it would not surprise me one bit if a big lump of this is not council tax monies.

    Stakes are high as Wirral gamblers bet £30,000 on election outcome

    Don’t you just luv Martin’s blog?

    I said the team to help you do your work would expand.



  14. I found the blog James. It’s a great piece of writing. I hope it soothes your pain lad.

    • Luv you Bobby



      Only justice will soothe the pain.

      How did that barstard hiding behind his wannabe “Football Shit” have the audacity to lie to me then get senior officers and 65 clowncillors to defend his and their stupidity against “Highbrows” irrefutable evidence?

      Then for DCLG to support them!

      Heavens to Murgatroyd Bobby is the country rotten to the core or what?

      Vote for Simon Kelly Lib Dem only.

      Otherwise pick any new face.

      Ps We will have to up the game after the erection on Thursday Bobby I hope you continue to help the cause of ridding Wirral of this plague of scum and vermin that pretend to care about the people?

  15. G’day John

    Lovely morning for lie-ing in bed.

    “The Football Shirt” and his co-conspirators do not need an excuse of rain to lie to anybody..

    “The Shyster” deludedly thinks it his job.

    God help them they will get their just desserts.



    Ps If they will lie to me and “Highbrow” they will lie to anyone.

    Never never never trust them.

  16. G’day John

    When that original auditors report and the DCLG Report come out in FOI’s and with a re-read of Grant Thornton becoming public as they will as the truth always comes out eventually what will be the reaction of a couple of CEO’s and 65 elected members be.

    Will they just keep their gobs shut like what “The Shyster” told “The Chamber Potty”?

    Will Simon Kelly that honourable elected member lower his dignity and say
    NER NER NER NER NER you lot are an absolute disgrace to Wirral?

    Or will they just stay in hiding behind big “Ecca”?



  17. G’day John

    Why would anyone vote for any of the 65?

    (Simon Kelly the legend Lib Dem obviously excluded)

    For almost 4 years they have been shown irrefutable evidence by “Highbrow” of theft and wastage of £2,000,000.00 or even more and they have said or done nothing other than wasting probably £200,000.00 defending Wirral “Funny” Bizz who are sunning themselves and getting new gnashers in Portugal with ill-gotten council tax money.

    Senior officers must be brought to task or the cancerous growths will just continue to grow. They are vile.



    What do they think they will look bad if they prosecute?

    They will never be let to forget it if justice is not sought.

  18. G’day John

    Didn’t bother reading the article in the local rubbish propaganda sheet but..

    Chancellor promises to ‘ease the burden’ on Wirral motorists by cutting tunnel tolls

    There is one thing for sure is that there is no way “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and his Miserytravel colleagues will not be easing any burdens.



  19. G’day John

    Headlines like this around Merseyside

    General Election 2015: Labour warns of looming cash crisis for Liverpool hospitals

    Why would there be anything other than cash crisis when you look at small companies like Wirral “Funny” Bizz taking the Michael out of Wirral.

    But more importantly they ignore brilliant accountants like “Highbrow” at their own risk.




    Alternately listen to liars like “The Football Shirt” and that other buffoon “The Dunny Chain Wearer”






    Ps He hasn’t learnt a lesson in twenty years even when told by Grant Thornton.

  20. G’day John

    I looked at the rubbish paper from over Stella’s Wirral Waters and almost died laughing at the comparison to Wirral.

    A spokesperson for Halton council said: “The council has a zero tolerance approach to fraud. As this case shows, where fraud is suspected the council will take all appropriate steps to investigate and pursue the matter in order to protect public money and deter fraudulent claims.”

    Oh John….only a few miles away but ten years difference.





    Ps I encourage everybody to not vote for any sitting member particularly “The Dunny Chain Wearer” and apart from Simon Kelly Lib Dem because absolutely nothing has changed in the ROTTENEST OF BOROUGHS.

    They still stink like Stella’s stagnant water.

  21. G’day John

    Happy Purda to you.

    I think people should just vote any new face tomorrow especially female because if the usual two gangs get in again nothing will change tunnel tolls will stay, the major supermarkets will still lose profits as less and less can afford them, food banks will be in more demand, Wirral will just continue to be treated like fools..

    Why should the same old same old fogies get a job for life for little.

    Take “The Pretend Friend” and his poor suffering missus who now wishes she had chased “The Raving Loony” as at least he can stay awake in the chamber even though he talks utter shite.. but lets face it who doesn’t in “The Kitchen Cabinet”.

    The pair must get about £60,000.00 in allowances and what does he do apart from smile wink and stab his mates in the back. Arranges supposedly independent auditors, who happen to be the council auditors, to do an investigation that the report is ignored Just another £50,000.00 plus wasted.

    He sleeps most days in the dump and as for her…. who knows…what woman gets a say at Wirral?

    You could waste a vote too on “The Dunny Chain Wearer” if you aren’t very clever as you know exactly what you will get more crass behaviour from someone who has lessons to learn lessons to learn lessons to learn but doesn’t listen in class.