Posted by: John Brace | 26th June 2015

Councillors on Merseytravel agree to increase upper age limit for MyTicket bus ticket from 15 years to 18 (including those aged 18)

Merseytravel Committee meeting of the 25th June 2015 (item 11 Making Transport Affordable for Young People)

Merseytravel Committee meeting of the 25th June 2015 (item 11 Making Transport Affordable for Young People)

Merseytravel Committee meeting 25th June 2015 item 11 Making Transport Affordable for Young People Foreground M'travel  officer Middle Row L to R Cllr Jerry Williams, Cllr Steve Foulkes, Cllr Malcolm Sharp, Cllr Terry Shields

Merseytravel Committee meeting 25th June 2015 item 11 Making Transport Affordable for Young People Foreground Merseytravel officer Middle Row L to R Cllr Jerry Williams, Cllr Steve Foulkes, Cllr Malcolm Sharp, Cllr Terry Shields

Councillors on Merseytravel agree to increase upper age limit for MyTicket bus ticket from 15 years to 18 (including those aged 18)


In a late item on the agenda of Merseytravel’s meeting of the 25th June 2015, was an item titled Making Transport Affordable for Young People and the report for this item is on Merseytravel’s website.

The report recommended an increase in the upper age limit eligible for a MyTicket. The upper age limit of who can purchase a MyTicket is at the time of writing 15 years, but councillors decided to increase this to 18 years (which includes people who are 18 years old) effective from the 19th July 2015. MyTicket is a £2 day ticket for bus journeys launched last year by Merseytravel and MyTickets can be bought on buses from bus drivers.

This follows campaigning by the Liverpool Youth Parliament calling for more affordable bus fares for young people.

Councillors from both the ruling Labour Group on Merseytravel and an opposition councillor welcomed the change to the MyTicket upper age limit.

Commenting on the recommendation, Councillor Les Rowlands (Conservative, Wirral Council) said, "I very, very welcome the report. It’s nice to see Merseytravel leading the way for affordable travel for teenagers. I think it’s one of the biggest problems teenagers face actually getting transport around so this goes a long way towards helping that. So that is absolutely superb. "

Cllr Mary Rasmussen (Labour, Liverpool City Council) said, "I think it’s absolutely amazing what the officers have managed to achieve. You know with us there shoving you all the way, I know we’ve been a pain, but quite rightly. I think the people we need to really thank though is every kid that’s stopped us in the street and said to me ‘Do you know what Mary? It’s not fair! I can’t afford to do! I can’t get to school. I can’t do this, do something about it’ and do you know we actually have but don’t forget to thank them along the way. It was them that helped us get here. Well done."

Councillor Steve Foulkes (Labour, Wirral Council) also welcomed the move and said, "Let’s be careful how we talk about it. Some people are saying eighteen, up to eighteen. It’s up to a person’s nineteenth birthday. So let’s not undersell the product in any way, shape or form. Up to their nineteenth birthday MyTicket will apply, I think we need to you know blow the trumpet loud and clear."

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  1. Mr Brace, as you know I owe no allegiance to any Political Party. I am not surprised that these small tokens of ” Duty of Care ” are being shown by this Authority and the Combined Authority in general. The Term ” Too Little too Late ” comes to mind.
    I would ask that whilst these small tokens are being made, the Bodies that they are trying to leave behind, will keeping popping up to bite them. You cannot just remove Headstones, they need to face the Demons that lay beneath.
    I would submit that ” Lessons have not been Learned ” and feeding the dire in need on 2 Fishes and is it Five Loaves? will not suffice, nor can they fool all the people all of the time. I would strongly suggest that the Police and Administration are called in to rescue the people that these people are supposed to represent.
    I would further submit that they also look at the Local Elections held recently, as although they may contend it was mistakes and Incompetence, I would strongly suspect that offences under the Representation of the People Act 1983, have taken place.

    Please, Please, Please, Bring in the Police and Administration now to investigate before things get completely out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Brace, Please see what are normally CONTRACT Terms ; Due Diligence, Undue Influence, Treating, etc. Also look if you are able to the Theft Act 1968. Would you not consider ” Theft of Votes ” Some or all and/or Electoral Fraud – Should the people have known about what this Council in part or in full have been up too would they have voted the way they did? Peel, Sam Wa, 1 Billion Pound Loan to build Mystical Towers?

  3. G’day John

    Friday night and no drunken ramblings. I can’t afford it anymore being four years on the dole since I whistleblew and told them what Basnett already new about Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Her family must be so proud.

    Talking of Misery Travel.

    Where is their junket this year John?

    I haven’t seen “The Chamber Potty” in the rubbish paper from over Stella’s Stagnant Wirral Waters so she must be organising the trip for “Phil the Dill” and the other parasites on the “Pot” board.

    I bet it is not the boat to Hilbre.

    It will be to see some potential bullshit artist in Shanghai or Reno but as long as they are not visiting and polluting the Antipodes I don’t care.



    Great photo of “Ankles” at his ugly best.

    He will terrify the flower girls.

  4. G’day John

    Youth tickets seems to be a big issue to “Ankles” he looks really fired up in your photo..

    How old are his new kids.

    Someone suggested one fights in the under 19 age group.



    • Mr Brace, further if you consider the above comments and all the recent Publicity, basically Mr Davies and Mr Adderley are Prima Facia Guilty of a ” Conspiracy ” and not of Silence and any further acts is only making it worse for themselves.

      Call in the Police and Administration and I strongly suspect as it is a Combined Authority and Davies is the Leader, it gives Suspicion for all the Authorities to be Investigated

      No Wonder Big Joe wanted a Metro Mayor as Leader of the Authority, he could see what the Woolas, sorry woolie backs were doing.

  5. G’day John

    Just back from mass after praying for the poor deluded fantasists and egotistical maniacs and buffoons who are senior officers and clowncillors at Wirral. No idea what is right or wrong.

    I suggest John that the past four years says it is too late and a lost cause.

    We will see how they handle “Private Eye’s favourite Addled fantasist fool.

    Ecca might have to man up and say “Oh please Mr Add…..

    Then the gang will sit him back in his place at Hooligans Bar and tell him to shut up and then decide who is going to be booted out in the downsize.

    Then you will see their true colours my man.



    Keep up the great work John and I will see you and “The Shyster” in that courthouse over Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Waters very soon.

    Him with his cheap plastic pen and very expensive, to the Wirral taxpayer, barrister.

    • Mr Brace, Mr Griffiths, if you have been following my thought on the matter, there would also appear to be a “Perverting the Course of Justice” ongoing here with the Tribunal, the Barrister/Solicitor has not done any Due Diligence and I would suggest that he/she examine cases in relation to Negligence and Perverting the Course of Justice. Further the Law on “Conspiracy”

  6. G’day John

    Any exciting meetings this week?

    John, don’t they have to say where their annual junket is before they go or is it as big a secret as Beverley edwards Report and the DCLG Report?

    Surely they have to ask the public if they can waste their money trying to find Stella?



    Where do you think they will go?

    First stupid question of the week. What for?

  7. G’day John


    When is a crime not a crime?

    Today’s local rubbish propaganda sheet.

    Birkenhead business group pays for extra policing to attract more visitors to Hamilton Square

    Paula Basnett, chief executive of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, explained, “Through our consultations with local businesses there is a perception there is a need to manage street activity in and around Hamilton Square, especially during the summer months when people should be able to take advantage of the area at lunchtime.

    “The Chamber Potty” knew Wirral “Funny” Bizz got away with lots and lots and lots and lots of cash.

    What did she do.

    Kept her gob shut like she was told. Her words.



    • Mr Griffiths, I was always of the opinion, that these type of payments always put the Police at a Disadvantage and could be considered not be Impartial, if you remember when that Sergeant told John to get shut of his Video/Disc Footage, having been told by One of the Chairman Niblock? I think it was, when they were playing you cannot film games

  8. Mr Brace Mr Griffiths, Do I win anything, for either the biggest Pee Take, Scientific Game or the New Criminal Game?

  9. G’day John

    The day just gets more bizarre.

    The local rubbish propaganda sheet.

    A MASTER plan to change how Wirral Council operates during the next five years envisages job cuts and sharing services with neighbouring authorities.

    But council leader Phil Davies, unveiling details of the blueprint today, described a “pragmatic, innovative and bold” scheme that would lead to “huge cultural change.”

    The master plan hasn’t changed it doesn’t mention honesty, openness and transparency.

    You can just see it John with “Phil the Dill” still thinking he is in charge but Frankenstein and “Ankles” pulling the strings “Phil the Dills Ugly twin Brother with the comb over from Hell” “Clowncillor Doughnut” and “Crabapple” and for some dubious credibility “The Pretend Friend” in charge of a million contractors.

    The “Raving Loony” in the tory party makes them look sane.

    All sitting up the top on the 876th floor of Stella’s Wirral Stagnant Waters Ivory Tower.

    They are just ridiculous they let idiots like Wirral “Funny” Bizz escape with a £2,000.000.00 fraud.

    They want to write cheques for Wirral Gate.

    They like “The Football Shirt” are just fantasists.

    What is wrong with DCLG John.



  10. G’day John

    What a great day.

    One of the best since I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz for a £2,000,000.00 fraud approx.

    Only a few days till four years since I first saw “Addled” and “The Chamber Potty” and someone has finally acknowledged me.

    Three thumbs down on the posts above.

    That really shows how stupid some people are.

    Is it Annony Mouse, My Ronnie and Brad Davies?

    Haven’t whoever it is got a life?

    I wouldn’t read the shite I write.

    Oh though John I might if I was as guilty as “The Football Shit” and “She who will do anything they ask”.



    Ps The most “pragmatic, innovative and bold” thing they have done is hide Beverley Edwards Report, get Dave Garry to write a croc of shit and then pay him off, ignore Grant Thornton advice on prosecuting at the cost of £50,000.00 plus of Wirral’s hard earned and hide the DCLG Report.

    Now that’s what I call a council………..Rotten to the core.

    With 66 galahs as Clowncillors

  11. G’day John

    Can’t find out anywhere where the junket is taking them this year.

    Wouldn’t surprise me one iota if was Portugal to help Wirral “Funny” Bizz spend some of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands that they knocked off under the watchful eyes of “The Football Shirt” “Humpty Dumpty” “The Chamber Potty” and “the Now Garbage Lady” from Invest (In Thyself) Wirral.



  12. G’day John

    What these deluded fantasists need is a new golf course built by Stella.

    Today’s local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Wirral Council hands out £790,000 in crisis payments to help tenants struggling with bedroom tax arrears

    They really do live in a fantasy world.

    We could call it “Ecca World” he just watches it all go by without saying boo to a goose.

    Talking of a Wallasey goose……… won’t go there today John she will want more money.



    Why let Wirral “Funny” Bizz get away with about £2,000,000.00?

  13. G’day John

    Me thinks “Highbrow” smells another rat.

    His FOI today

    From: nigel hobro

    30 June 2015

    Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

    I believe that the chief Executives engagements are and were listed
    on outlook within Exchange Server and that the back-up procedures
    of the council are sufficient to recall the diary for the 7th October 2014.

    I request to be apprised of Mr Burgess’s diary for that day.

    A meeting of the Audit and risk committee was cancelled on that day,albeit it had been fixed three months before at an abortive meeting in July. The public attendees at the july meeting were left with no meeting after it broke up within half an hour; subsequently having diarised the 7th October potential attendees were disappointed by the former chief executive cancelling the meeting at 6:15 pm on the grounds he had an important meeting to attend.

    The press were wrong footed by this as were many potential

    Therefore I wish to see what important meeting alternatively Mr
    Burgess was to attend on the 7th October and indeed confirm that he
    did attend such a meeting

    Yours faithfully,

    nigel hobro

    Oh Johnny boy how in a decent world do they think they can just hide a theft of about £2,000,000.00?

    These people are trusted as public servants and Nigel Hobro, James Griffiths, Beverley Edwards, Dave Garry, Grant Thornton, DCLG and a lot of senior council officers and many councillors can prove that they are not at all trustworthy.

    Plus I think they stink.