Posted by: John Brace | 6th June 2016

What were top 7 most viewed articles and top 7 most viewed videos for May 2016?

What were top 7 most viewed articles and top 7 most viewed videos for May 2016?




Well just over a month has passed since polling day the election for a Merseyside PCC and local councillors on the Wirral and on the 23rd June 2016 there will be a referendum about membership of the EU.

As I’ll be at Wirral Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday morning, instead I thought I’d look back at the most read stories of last month (May 2016) and some of the most watched videos. Both are in order of most viewed (so the top number 1 slot was the one that attracted the most interest).

Top 7 articles on this blog (May 2016)

1. Who wouldn’t want you to read this story about the election of 4 Wirral councillors?

Since I wrote this story question marks have also been raised about the election of two further Wirral councillors not referred to by name in the article, which leads to unanswered questions about over a quarter of the 23 councillors elected. If all six elections had been (or are in the next 2 years) declared null and void*, no political party would have a majority on Wirral Council.

*Highly unlikely considering how this country works or doesn’t work and I’d like to point out that councillors/candidates are innocent until proven guilty and that trial by media doesn’t count.

2. Who are the 103 candidates in the 2016 Wirral Council elections?

This is a list of the 103 candidates (as well as their political party affiliation or independent if none) to be 23 councillors in the 2016 elections to Wirral Council.

3. Wirral Council valued Girtrell Court land and buildings at £3,402,880.00 in March 2013

Writing a fact about Girtrell Court that I’m sure Wirral Council would prefer I didn’t put in print! Who knows what Girtrell Court is worth to Wirral Council now (if it closes)?

4. Cllr Pat Hackett elected as Wirral’s new Mayor for 2016/17

The outgoing Mayor is Cllr Les Rowlands, the new Mayor is Cllr Pat Hackett and the new Deputy Mayor is Cllr Ann McLachlan.

5. What are the election statements of the 4 Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner candidates?

Reasons why each candidate to be Merseyside’s PCC wanted us to vote for them.

6. Contact details for 66 Wirral Council councillors (2016/17)

An information page listing names, contact addresses, telephone numbers (where known), email addresses (where known) for Wirral’s 66 councillors updated in May 2016.

7. WIRRAL COUNCIL goes to the dentist: a short play about FOI and local government

A short satirical fictional play about FOI (Freedom of Information) requests and Wirral Council.

These are the top 7 most watched videos on my Youtube channel for May 2016 (you can subscribe to my Youtube channel here).

1. Cabinet (Wirral Council) 25th April 2016 (Freedom of the Borough for PC David Phillips)

Shortly before the May 2016 elections took place, Wirral Council’s Labour Cabinet met to recommend that Council award Freedom of the Borough posthumously to PC David Phillips.

2. Annual Council (Part 1) Wirral Council 16th May 2016 Part 2 of 2

After the elections, Cllr Pat Hackett was elected Mayor and Cllr Ann McLachlan Deputy Mayor.

3. Liverpool City Council public meeting 11th November 2015 Part 2 of 6

4. Extraordinary Council (Wirral Council) 20th May 2016 Freedom of the Borough for PC David Phillips

Connected to the video at number 1, the Council meeting at which PC David Phillips was awarded Freedom of the Borough.

5. Liverpool City Council 13th January 2016 Part 1 of 4

6. Liverpool City Council 8th April 2015 Part 1/3 Mayor Joe Anderson responds to green space protestors

7. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority Police and Fire Collaboration Committee 15th March 2016 Part 1

Meeting weeks before the election, the Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy dodges giving an answer as she doesn’t know whether she’ll be Police and Crime Commissioner after the May 2016 elections. Consultants brought it to draw up plans for greater collaboration between Merseyside Police, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority & Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service. This could lead to changes for employees in those organisations.

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