Posted by: John Brace | 22nd October 2010

Last week of blog posts – most popular

Last week of blog posts – most popular


Considering I only started this blog a week ago, the fact that pages on it have been viewed a staggering 182 times I find slightly amazing.

Ordered by popularity here are the top four posts of the last week (along with the number of comments)

Town Hall Drama: Labour’s lost the plot – more playground politics 16 comments
Planning Committee site visit to land adjacent to 290 Upton Road, Noctorum 2 comments
Cabinet Meeting 14th October 2010 0 comments
Wirral’s Future: Be a Part of It 0 comments

On the last one, what’s also pleasing is that three people have clicked through from this blog to the Wirral’s Future: Be a Part of It questionnaire. Next week will probably be quieter as it’s the half-term holiday. I’ll be writing up my recollection of last night’s Planning Committee meeting later today.

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