PACSPE: The saga continues (Wirral Council)

PACSPE: The saga continues (Wirral Council)


At a well attended Area Forum for West Wirral tonight, Cllr Jeff Green revealed that himself and Cllr Tom Harney (Leader of the Lib Dem councillors) have called in the Labour Cabinet decision of the 22nd September not to award the PACPSE (Parks and Countryside Spaces) contract.

I’ll write up more about the West Wirral Area Forum tomorrow which covered many interesting topics.

Blue Badge charges recommended to increase from £2 to £10 (Wirral Council)

Having read through next Thursday’s Cabinet agenda I noticed the report (which is item 36 on the agenda) entitled Introduction of New Procedure for Allocation of Blue Badge Parking for Disabled People.

In the interests of openness, I’ll declare at this stage that although I don’t hold a Blue Badge, my wife does.

If the recommendations in the report are adopted next Thursday, Wirral Council is going to increase the charge for Blue Badges from £2 and £10 and bring in a new assessment process for eligibility for Blue Badges starting from next month.

A private company Northgate Information Solutions will distribute the Blue Badges (at a cost to Wirral Council of £4.60 each), but Wirral Council will still need to decide on applications. On Wirral 25,500 Blue Badges (8% of the population) have been issued.

There will also be some changes to the Blue Badge scheme as a result of government regulations coming into effect at the start of next year.

If you are eligible for a Blue Badge but don’t know how to apply this page on Wirral Council’s website has details of who is eligible and how to apply.