Planning Committee 25th October 2011 Agenda Item 6 APP/11/00909 Part 5

Cllr David Elderton said there was a petition and invited the petitioner to address the planning committee. The petitioner introduced himself as John Harris of 1 Castle Drive. He said when the original planning application had been approved he had been away for a long period. He had listened to the council officer and had no objections except changes had been made over the last three years. There had been the introduction of bars such as the Ravenscroft and others. As a result the residents had suffered at the weekend from noise, broken glass and vomit on the street. He said the planning committee had opposed the 9-2 opening hours of the Ravenscroft, however the Planning Inspectorate had overridden this decision.

He said his only objection was to planning permission for an A4 use. Mr. Harris said the area was partly residential. He referred to SPD 3 which stated residential dwellings should be 40 metres away. Mr. Harris said the nearest residential dwelling was 17 metres away. He said they had been promised by the Barracuda Group that their establishment would be food based. However there had been lots of promotions involving cheap booze. He said the last thing they wanted was another drinking establishment which in his view would be “unfair to local residents”.

Cllr David Elderton asked if the applicant was present. The applicant introduced himself as Kevin Long. He said the property had been empty for a number of years, since Kwiksave had gone into liquidation. They had spent time and resources trying to find an occupier, however the ground floor was over 10,000 sq ft.

Planning Committee 25th October 2011 Agenda Item 6 APP/11/00834 & APP/11/00909 Part 4

Councillor Eddie Boult said he had been on the Site Visit. He said that there were two plots and did the second plot have planning permission?

Matthew Rushton replied that the adjacent plot had planning permission for a similar development, which had been approved in 2009.

Approval for planning permission was proposed by Cllr John Salter and seconded by Cllr Eddie Boult.

For the planning application: Cllr David Elderton, Cllr Eddie Boult, Cllr Wendy Clements, Cllr Peter Johnson, Cllr Dave Mitchell, Cllr Stuart Kelly, Cllr Patricia Glasman (deputy for Cllr Brian Kenny), Cllr John Salter, Cllr Joe Walsh and Cllr Bernie Mooney (10)

Against the planning application: Cllr James Keeley (deputy for Cllr Paul Hayes) & Cllr Denise Realey (2)

Therefore planning application APP/11/00834 was approved.

The committee then considered planning application APP/11/00909 for time extension for a vacant shop in Heswall. Matthew Rushton said this was for an extension of time for a refurbishment and extension. He said it had been granted previously, the only change that had happened since was that planning policy 6 had been replaced by planning policy 4. There were the same conditions as on the original application as outlined at 11.3 .