Posted by: John Brace | 14th May 2012

Annual Meeting (Part 1), Council (Wirral Council) 14th May 2012

Here is a brief update on the meeting.

1. Declarations of Interest 00:00 to 01:30

The Mayor asked people to please sit down. She welcomed people to Wallasey Town Hall and pointed out that it is a formal meeting with an agenda. She asked the councillors for any declarations of interest. None was made.

2. Mayor’s Communications 01:30

She asked for any apologies for absence. A number of apologies for absence were made.

She then made a speech thanking people and talking about her year as Mayor and other matters. 01:30 to 08:50

Wirral’s Young Poet Laureate then read a poem entitled “I am the Wirral”.

*note video of poem not available due to copyright not obtained on performance*

08:58 to  10:48

There was applause for her poem.

3. Election of Mayor 2012/13 11:00

The Mayor asked for nominations for Mayor. 11:00 to 11:15

Cllr Jeff Green nominated Cllr Gerry Ellis. 11:15 to 15:11.

There was applause. The Mayor asked for it to be seconded.

Cllr Phil Davies seconded the nomination. 15:27 to 17:00.

There was applause. The Mayor invited Cllr Harney to speak.

Cllr Harney spoke. 17:12 to 18:06.

There was more applause.

The Mayor thanked Cllr Harney and asked for any other nominations.  18:14 to 18:18

None was made.

The Mayor declared Cllr Gerry Ellis the Mayor for the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral. 18:20 to 18:30.

There was applause.

The Mayor and others left the room. 18:55

The Mayor’s return was announced. 28:38

The Mayor returned. 28:38.

I couldn’t see much as to what happened next as I had to sit down due to the standing making my broken arm bones worse.

Bill Norman invited Gerry Ellis to make his declaration of acceptance of office. 32:35 to 32:40

Cllr Gerry Ellis read out the declaration. 32:40 to 33:10

He invited the Mayor’s Chaplain to speak.

The Mayor’s Chaplain read a prayer. 33:40 to 36:24

The Mayor asked people to sit down.

The Mayor addressed people present with a witty speech. He was provided with an extra microphone during it. 36:21 to 57:01

There was applause. 57:01 to 57:20

4. Deputy Mayor 2012/13

Bill Norman announced item 4. 57:20 to 57:26

The Mayor asked for nominations. 57:26 to 57:31

Cllr Tom Harney asked if he could nominate Cllr Dave Mitchell. 57:34 to 57:44

The Mayor asked for it to be seconded.

Cllr Pat Williams seconded the nomination. 57:46 to 57:49

The Mayor declared Cllr Dave Mitchell as Deputy Mayor.

There was applause. End of tape 1.

Cllr Dave Mitchell was presented with the chain of office. 00:00 to 00:16

Bill Norman invited Cllr Dave Mitchell to make his declaration of acceptance of office. 00:17 to 00:22

Cllr Dave Mitchell made his declaration of acceptance of office. 00:24 to 00:46

5 Appointments to Outside Bodies – Merseyside Police Authority Appointments Committee

(2 Labour, 1 Conservative)

Bill Norman announced item 5. 1:08 to 1:28

People were proposed and seconded by councillors.

6. Adjournment

The Mayor asked for agreement to adjourn the meeting to 6.15pm on Monday 21st May 2012. The meeting was adjourned. 01:47 to 02:01