Posted by: John Brace | 30th October 2015

Is the whole price/prize point about Merseyside’s Mayor actually a load of rubbish?

Is the whole price/prize point about Merseyside’s Mayor actually a load of rubbish?


Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Scrutiny Panel 28th October 2015 Part 1 of 2

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Scrutiny Panel 28th October 2015 Part 2 of 2

Ged Fitzgerald (Chief Executive, Liverpool City Council) tries to explain devolution to a meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Scrutiny Panel 28th October 2015

Ged Fitzgerald (Chief Executive, Liverpool City Council) tries to explain devolution to a meeting of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Scrutiny Panel 28th October 2015

You can view what was said at a public meeting earlier this week on the subject of devolution for Merseyside above. It’s openly admitted however that the communications/engagement/public relations side of this has been pretty poor.

I will disagree with something that’s been said throughout this process since it doesn’t make sense (although from press reports Cllr Phil Davies has done a U-turn in favour of a Merseyside Mayor).

It’s been stated (in the video above by Ged Fitzgerald, Liverpool City Council Chief Executive and Mayor Joe Anderson before) and again and again that the price of devolution is a Merseyside Mayor. This whole process based on the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill which is wending its way through parliament.

I realise legislation does get amended, but as it’s on its 8th parliamentary stage out of ten it’s going to be eventually (especially as it’s a government bill) mainly in the form it’s now in.

Here’s the section on an elected Mayor.

It modifies the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 to state:

107A 15 Power to provide for election of mayor

(1) The Secretary of State may by order provide for there to be a mayor for the area of a combined authority.
(2) An order under subsection (1) shall not be used as a condition for agreeing to the transfer of local authority or public authority functions.”

In other words what is repeatedly repeated (and perhaps why they’re so bad at communications) doesn’t make sense. The government can’t say we’ll give you this if you have an elected Mayor and the price/prize thing is a load of rubbish. The government can’t do that as the legislation that will underpin this (which has to come into force to trigger the next stage which would result in devolution) makes that unlawful.

With me so far?

The government knows this is going on and I’m sure that it doesn’t make them look favourably on Liverpool when these sorts of political shenanigans to make them look bad, are being played out amongst Merseyside’s more ambitious Labour politicians.

So why would this have got started?

My best educated guess (as trying to make sense about what’s going on with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority with its poor public relations is like wading through treacle) is a certain Labour politician wants (again) to blame something unpopular in some quarters on a Tory government (even if it isn’t entirely true).

Add to this the ambition in some quarters to actually be Merseyside’s Mayor (because once it’s a done deal all they’ll need is the Labour nomination) gives a motive.

So that’s my opinion. The whole price/prize thing is a politician’s way of deflecting the blame knowing that generally the media won’t inquire too deeply and I think readers of this blog can make a jolly good guess as to who wants to be Merseyside’s Mayor.

Once again Labour are blaming something they want (a Merseyside Mayor) on the government, stating an untruth (that it’s a condition of the devolution deal which it’s not because the legislation would make that unlawful) and hoping everyone will believe it?

Well who do you believe? I’ve outlined above the consistent line that they’re trying to spoon feed the Merseyside public and the press whilst deflecting any attempt at scrutiny by politicians by openly refusing to state how the negotiations are going?

There will be an extraordinary public meeting of all Wirral Council councillors (as well as public meetings of councillors in the other areas of Merseyside and Halton) to discuss the devolution deal. Wirral’s will be held on the 19th November starting at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber at Wallasey Town Hall.

Isn’t it about time the public were told the truth?

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  1. G;day John

    Their local rubbish propaganda sheet were they make it near impossible to comment.

    Wirral’s first neighbourhood development plan set to be approved.

    Five years. ha ha ha

    Just accidently happens when Fartin Lobsterpot comes on board as “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” wants to take on Uncle Joe.

    He is one pathetic specimen like his propaganda sheet.



  2. G’day john

    You will be busy again next week so I will let you read a missive I sent to the Good Lord of Wirral which just seems to keep vanishing into the ether.

    Apparently they had a farewell for Britain’s most credulous (and I would say most ridiculous purple) man.

    G’day Lordsville

    Aaaaaahhhh Bisto

    Gravy train for “The Shyster” on AdderleyDadderlyDooDah’s last visit to Wirral.

    An FOI.


    Dear Mr. Hobro,

    Thank you for your request for information, shown below.

    From the search we have undertaken, the Council is not aware of any correspondence made by Legal and Member Services to the Director or to any regulatory body regarding the possibility of a serious breach of The Insolvency Act.

    Yours sincerely,

    Information Management

    Legal & Member Services

    Transformation & Resources Department

    Wallasey Town Hall

    Brighton Street



    CH44 8ED

    When “Highbrow” and I met with the “The Shyster” the lower than “Ankles” “Pretend Friend” and rent an auditor with the alphabet after his name it is no wonder My Lord that “The Shyster” said loud and clear he wasn’t there at the time and he hadn’t read a report.

    Sad excuse.

    Also My Lovely it is no wonder that after I had walked out in total disrespect for the possibly even lower than “Ankles”, “The Pretend Friend” “The Shyster” said they wouldn’t get me a job at Wirral.

    Can you imagine My L me working there and knowing “The Shyster” was all over my emails about Lockwood like a cheap suit.

    Gravy Train for “The Shyster”. Gravy Train for “The Shyster”. Gravy Train for “The Shyster”.



    Ps On AdderleyDadderlayDooDah on his last day at Wirral…everyone must hope and wish and pray

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen Adderley, adieu

    Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu

    So long, farewell, au revoir, auf Wiedersehen Adderley
    I’d like to stay and taste my first champagne

    So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen Adderley, goodbye

    I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye —

    Effing well Goodbye!

    Luv Ya Lordly


    Thanks John.

  3. G’day John

    All stand for St “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” of Tranmierda after his achievement.

    Their local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Wirral’s first neighbourhood development plan set to be approved.

    And as a regular says


    so if I am reading this right, it took near on five years to deliver this non event!

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    Phil for SUPER MAYOR ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Just think of the size of the REPORTS he could hide over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

  4. I thought Devolution was when we all revert back to being Apes and start living in the trees again!

    • It may well mean that and to some people they do regard politicians as a different species.

      However in government terms it’s about decision making and power being done at a level closer to the people it affects.

  5. G’day John

    I’ve done it!

    I’ve achieved!

    The thumbsdowners are back reading me.

    Those cowardy cowardy custards.

    Anony Mouses.

    Speak up and show your kids your not a yellow belly.

    Probably “Crapapple” and his orrible mate “Clowncillor Crispy Cream Doughnut”.

    Other doughnuts are available John in “The Kitchen Cabinet”.



    Ps Won’t be “The Pretend Friend” he thinks stabbing his mates in the back is something to be admired..scumbag.

  6. G’day John

    In memory of AdderleyDadderleyDooDah I am walking around today in a Wallaby football shirt.

    Not the same colour as his Dingbat Shirt.

    My name isn’t on the back like his L I A R.



    Ps Head says it will be All Blacks.

    • I was walking round the Iceland in Wrexham today, when I got to the kangaroo, I thought of you.

      So how come you don’t think Australia will win the rugby world cup?

  7. G’day John

    Just kicked off.

    I think the All Blacks are awesome but it is a cup final so anything could happen circa 2003.

    My heart says Australia.



  8. Hey thumbsdowners tell me AdderleyDadderlyDooDah isn’t a liar using your real names.

  9. John,
    I must admit that before reading your article I was one of the suckers that believed that having a Mayor was a condition for more devolution to the Combined Authority.
    You end by saying “Isn’t it about time the public were told the truth?” You could say that about 1,001 things. The problem is that most councillors don’t know what the facts are and merely repeat what someone in their group has told them.

    • You are right that councillors have to take to a certain degree what they’re told as correct as there are not the hours in the day for them to question and scrutinise everything they are told.

      The Combined Authority area covers 1.38 million on Merseyside plus Halton (a further 0.5 million or so).

      So its governance arrangements are going to affect ~1.88 million people.

      People can only respond meaningfully to the latest consultation (plus there are a number of council meetings of the constituency councils on this this month) if they know what the current situation is.

      Essentially the Cities and Government Devolution Bill is not in its final form, it’s not yet the Cities and Government Devolution Act. It still has the Committee stage, 3rd reading stage, consideration of amendments and then Royal Assent before it becomes law.