Health and Well Being Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 20/6/2011 – Part 4

The minutes were agreed.

Cllr Glasman proposed Cllr Roberts as Vice-Chair. This was seconded by Cllr Doughty. There were no other nominations so Cllr Roberts was elected as Vice-Chair.

Cllr Glasman said that Dr Mantgani wanted to speak to the vascular surgery review, so the agenda was rearranged and item 6 brought forward.

The person introducing the report said he had come in March and this was an update on progress. In respect of what he’d said in March there had been public and professional engagement. There had been meetings for public and staff as well as a consultation document and internet survey. There was a tension between providing services locally and a higher volume less locally. The consultation had gathered views on patient safety and local access. An arterial centre would be recommended to the Project Board. He also referred to a meeting with the GP consortia.

The recommendation to the Project Board would be on the collaborative proposal of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust. He was delighted to see evidence that the application met the quality standards and had a large enough catchment area. However a number of clinical issues had not been fully resolved especially clinical capacity. There werea list of questions and the issue had surfaced in the media in the last few weeks regarding surgeons at Arrowe Park Hospital who he described as “dissident clinicians”. On Thursday morning they would meet with clinicians and managers and go through the responses. He couldn’t recommend the proposal until the uncertainties had been resolved.

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