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Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates (Merseyside), 2012

John Brace:

Most read page in the last seven days (23rd October 2012), polling day is 15th November 2012. In answer to a reader’s question, two candidates are based on the Wirral, Gubb (Conservative) and Jones (UKIP).

Originally posted on A blog about Wirral Council, Wirral Council's councillors & officers:

There are six candidates for the one Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner vacancy following close of nominations yesterday (19th October 2012). Polling day is on 15th November 2012. They are as follows (in alphabetical order):-

Candidate Full Name Commonly used surname (if any) Commonly used forename (if any) Party Description
GUBB Geoffrey Ian GUBB Geoff The Conservative Party Candidate
JONES Hilary Jane UKIP
KEAVENEY Paula Clare Liberal Democrats
KENNEDY Jane Elizabeth KENNEDY Jane Labour Party Candidate
REID Kiron John Cuchulain REID Kiron Independent
RIMMER Paul Duane English Democrats – “More Police – Catching Criminals!”

As there is more than one candidate it is a contested election. Each candidate is allowed to spend up to £182,529 on their election campaign and has to provide receipts for any expenditure over £20. Each candidate has had to pay either a cash deposit or banker’s draft deposit of £5,000 (6*£5,000 = £30,000 in deposits…

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