Posted by: John Brace | 16th November 2012

Economy and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Wirral Council) (14th November 2012)

Apologies for the first two items (declarations of interest and minutes) missing from the footage. Video starts part way through item 3 (a presentation about CIPRO).


  1. Hi John,
    Is it possible to see how many postal votes were cast for each candidate in the PCC ,I see Jane Jennedy is now the PCC

  2. Unfortunately I don’t know that information, you could try either an FOI request or contacting the press office for each of the local authorities on Merseyside (Wirral, Liverpool, Knowlsey, St. Helens and Sefton) for that information though. Yes, Jane Kennedy is elected PCC, but I don’t think she becomes so until she takes her oath of office.