What were the election results in the elections of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in May 2023?

What were the election results of the elections of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in May 2023?

What were the election results of the elections of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in May 2023?


By John Brace (Editor)
First publication date: Monday 8th May 2023, 20:18 (BST).
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Wirral Tennis and Sports Centre entrance (Bidston, Wirral) where the results of the election of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council were declared on 5th May 2023
Wirral Tennis and Sports Centre entrance (Bidston, Wirral) where the results of the elections of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council were declared on 5th May 2023

Below are the election results in May 2023 for the elections of 66 councillors across 22 different wards each electing 3 councillors (Bebington, Bidston & St James, Birkenhead and Tranmere, Bromborough, Clatterbridge, Claughton, Eastham, Greasby, Frankby & Irby, Heswall, Hoylake and Meols, Leasowe and Moreton East, Liscard, Moreton West and Saughall Massie, New Brighton, Oxton, Pensby and Thingwall, Prenton, Rock Ferry, Seacombe, Upton, Wallasey and West Kirby and Thurstaston). The election results for all 22 wards were declared at Wirral Tennis and Sports Centre (pictured above) on Friday 5th May 2023.

For the sake of completeness, six candidates (4 Labour Party candidates and 2 Green Party candidates) withdrew before the deadline for withdrawal of nominations and are therefore not included in the election results below, but please note that in relation to three of these candidates:-

(i) Yvonne Nolan (who withdrew as a Labour candidate in Rock Ferry) stood as an independent candidate (also in Rock Ferry),
(ii) Paula Basnett withdrew as a Labour candidate in Pensby & Thingwall and stood as a Labour candidate in Rock Ferry and
(iii) Barbara Burton withdrew as a Green Party candidate in Heswall and stood as a Green Party candidate in West Kirby & Thurstaston.

The six candidates that withdrew were:-

Barbara Florence Burton (Green Party)
Paul May (Green Party)

Pensby and Thingwall
Paula Bernadette Basnett (Labour Party)

Rock Ferry
Yvonne Carol Nolan (Labour Party)
Clare Julia Hagan (Labour Party)

West Kirby & Thurstaston
Richie Pitt (Labour Party)

Before the 2023 elections, the makeup of Wirral Council was in no overall control as follows as no one political party has the required 34 councillor majority:-

Labour (23 councillors)
Conservative (22 councillors)
Green Party (9 councillors)
Liberal Democrat (6 councillors)
Independent (5 councillors)
Vacancy (1 councillor)

After the 2023 elections, the makeup of Wirral Council was in no overall control as follows as on one political party has the required 34 councillor majority:-

Labour (30 councillors, +7)
Conservative (17 councillors, -5)
Green (13 councillors, +4)
Liberal Democrat (6 councillors, no change)

Detailed election results by ward (alphabetically starting with Bebington and ending in West Kirby and Thurstaston), then by candidate (in descending order of votes) follows below. Percentage of votes are rounded to 3 significant figures. Those whose names and party are in bold text were elected for a 4 year term of office (the first three ranked candidates in each ward).

You can use the links below to jump to a particular ward’s election results.

Bidston & St James
Birkenhead and Tranmere
Greasby, Frankby and Irby
Hoylake and Meols
Leasowe and Moreton East
Moreton West and Saughall Massie
New Brighton
Pensby and Thingwall
Rock Ferry
West Kirby & Thurstaston

Election results in the election of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in Merseyside, England, United Kingdom in 2023

Election results in the election of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in Merseyside, England, United Kingdom in 2023
WardCandidate NamePartyVotesVote %
BebingtonJudith Deborah GRIERGreen Party339723.8
BebingtonJason Peter WALSHGreen Party334923.1
BebingtonEd LAMBGreen Party315921.8
BebingtonKaitlyn Louise PETERSONLabour12618.71
BebingtonCallum James STUARTLabour11387.86
BebingtonRobert Paul WARDLabour10407.19
BebingtonNicola OAKLEYConservative3462.39
BebingtonBarry Douglas TUNNAConservative2982.06
BebingtonChristine TUNNAConservative2741.89
BebingtonAnthony Paul MOLYNEUXLiberal Democrats1451.00
BebingtonCatherine Mary WILLIAMSFreedom Alliance630.435
Bidston and St. JamesLiz GREYLabour143525.7
Bidston and St. JamesBrian Martin KENNYLabour133624.0
Bidston and St. JamesJulie MCMANUSLabour128323.0
Bidston and St. JamesJayne Louise Stephanie CLOUGHGreen Party2474.43
Bidston and St. JamesMillie Charlotte GORMANGreen Party2314.14
Bidston and St. JamesTina MCDONNELLConservative2153.86
Bidston and St. JamesCraig FITZPATRICKGreen2103.77
Bidston and St. JamesWendy Jane CLEMENTSConservative2023.62
Bidston and St. JamesJonathan Neil James GOLDSMITHConservative2013.61
Bidston and St. JamesMike PARSONSLiberal Democrats1252.24
Bidston and St. JamesMalcolm John DAVISFreedom Alliance881.56
Birkenhead and TranmerePat CLEARYGreen Party185622.9
Birkenhead and TranmereAmanda ONMENWUENEGreen Party159019.6
Birkenhead and TranmereEwan Morgan TOMENYGreen Party156719.3
Birkenhead and TranmereHelen Louise COLLINSONLabour103412.7
Birkenhead and TranmereJulienne Mary MCGEOUGHLabour91611.3
Birkenhead and TranmerePiara MIAHLabour7929.77
Birkenhead and TranmereRichard James BAKERConservative821.01
Birkenhead and TranmereCatherine Louise EVANSFreedom Alliance750.926
Birkenhead and TranmereAda Emily LEWISConservative680.839
Birkenhead and TranmereEdward Peter SMITHLiberal Democrats620.765
Birkenhead and TranmereColin James YOUNGConservative600.741
BromboroughJo BIRDGreen Party249720.4
BromboroughRuth MOLYNEUXGreen Party213317.4
BromboroughKieran MURPHYGreen Party199416.3
BromboroughBrenda Joyce ASHTONLabour170013.9
BromboroughSue PERCYLabour153312.5
BromboroughFinlay Mason Burgess GORDONLabour153112.5
BromboroughDes DRURYConservative3132.55
BromboroughGillian Ann BYRNEConservative2582.10
BromboroughEleanor Jane JOHNSONConservative2331.90
BromboroughStephanie Elizabeth MCGARRY-GRIBBINFreedom Alliance660.538
ClatterbridgeMary JORDANConservative204215.1
ClatterbridgeCherry POVALLConservative204215.1
ClatterbridgeHelen Janet CAMERONConservative195214.4
ClatterbridgeJenny HOLLIDAYLabour169012.5
ClatterbridgeJoanne SMITHLabour157611.6
ClatterbridgeMichael HOLLIDAYLabour155811.5
ClatterbridgeDan GORMANGreen Party7735.71
ClatterbridgeJim MCGINLEYGreen Party6795.02
ClatterbridgeJohn RODGERSGreen Party6114.52
ClatterbridgeChristopher John RAYMONDLiberal Democrats5213.85
ClatterbridgePamela Jane PEACOCKFreedom Alliance840.621
ClaughtonGeorge James DAVIESLabour205322.2
ClaughtonStephen FOULKESLabour184519.9
ClaughtonGillian WOODLabour183019.8
ClaughtonSusan BRADDOCKGreen Party5095.50
ClaughtonAndrew HODSONConservative5025.42
ClaughtonCharles ASSAConservative4815.20
ClaughtonLiz HEYDONGreen Party4464.82
ClaughtonSheridan TEAR-EDMONDSConservative4294.63
ClaughtonDavid Robert Cynlais EVANSLiberal Democrats3964.28
ClaughtonPerle Winifred SHELDRICKSGreen Party3203.46
ClaughtonRoy John WOODLiberal Democrats2973.21
ClaughtonGary Lee BERGINNational Housing Party1461.58
EasthamPhillip Norman GILCHRISTLiberal Democrats242122.0
EasthamChristopher David CARUBIALiberal Democrats223120.3
EasthamHelen Mary RAYMONDLiberal Democrats180716.5
EasthamMelinda Zoe Acutt DOWNEYLabour9478.62
EasthamNicole Wanda WILLIAMSLabour8357.60
EasthamWilliam SMITHLabour8077.34
EasthamDenise CROSSLEY-WILLIAMSConservative4083.71
EasthamJoy HOGGGreen Party3693.36
EasthamWilliam Ronald HARLANDConservative3242.95
EasthamPhilip Graham MERRYConservative3222.93
EasthamPercy HOGGGreen Party2522.29
EasthamPeter Anthony RANDGreen Party2091.90
EasthamSarah of the House of BLACKBURNFreedom Alliance520.473
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyGail JENKINSONLabour274017.4
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyGrahame Ernest MCMANUSLabour249915.9
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyMark Stephen SKILLICORNLabour221914.1
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyTracy ELZEINYConservative207813.2
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyDavid James FAIRBAIRNConservative198712.6
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyDarren Richard MAYConservative192312.2
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyMiriam Natalia COOKEGreen Party6013.83
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyTom GREENGreen Party5273.35
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyAlan BRIGHOUSELiberal Democrats4382.78
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyCathy PAGEGreen Party4102.61
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyDavid BURGESS-JOYCEIndependent1931.23
Greasby, Frankby & IrbyRosie Ariadne EVANSFreedom Alliance970.617
HeswallAndrew Chapman HODSONConservative235116.1
HeswallKathryn Anne HODSONConservative221315.2
HeswallGraham DAVIESConservative217114.9
HeswallElizabeth Louise Anne BRAMELiberal Democrats215014.8
HeswallPhilip Christopher WATERFIELDLiberal Democrats198313.6
HeswallDavid Barrie JONESLiberal Democrats176612.1
HeswallSophia BALLANTYNELabour7335.03
HeswallMichael James ROYDENLabour5874.03
HeswallJimmy SERGILabour5443.73
HeswallDonna Mary LYONS-WHEARTYFreedom Alliance740.508
Hoylake and MeolsTony COXConservative219716.2
Hoylake and MeolsAndrew Mark GARDNERConservative216816.0
Hoylake and MeolsMax David BOOTHConservative215815.9
Hoylake and MeolsSheila MURPHYLabour172112.7
Hoylake and MeolsPaul Martin CARNEYLabour156011.5
Hoylake and MeolsDavid Mark SINDALLLabour150711.1
Hoylake and MeolsAlix Rowena COCKROFTGreen Party6404.71
Hoylake and MeolsFintan Ron CLEARYGreen Party5624.14
Hoylake and MeolsJulian Richard PRIESTGreen Party4153.05
Hoylake and MeolsTom Philip HUGHESLiberal Democrats2912.14
Hoylake and MeolsIan Frederick JOHNSONLiberal Democrats2601.91
Hoylake and MeolsColin William ROPERFreedom Alliance1060.780
Leasowe and Moreton EastAngie DAVIESLabour195922.5
Leasowe and Moreton EastLouise LUXON-KEWLEYLabour188121.6
Leasowe and Moreton EastPaul Charles JOBSONLabour168819.4
Leasowe and Moreton EastKarl Gerard GREANEYIndependent6427.38
Leasowe and Moreton EastTracy BLACKBURNConservative5306.09
Leasowe and Moreton EastNeil Henderson CARTWRIGHTConservative4775.48
Leasowe and Moreton EastJonathan Yongjiang WANGConservative3554.08
Leasowe and Moreton EastKatie BRISTOWGreen Party3343.84
Leasowe and Moreton EastMichael John DIXONGreen Party2613.00
Leasowe and Moreton EastHolly Janet TURNERGreen Party2582.96
Leasowe and Moreton EastChase Scott Frederick NEWTONLiberal Democrats2272.61
Leasowe and Moreton EastJuliette Susan MANLEYFreedom Alliance931.07
LiscardDaisy KENNYLabour201222.8
LiscardJanette WILLIAMSONLabour186521.2
LiscardJames Stewart LAINGLabour182620.7
LiscardHelen BURNHAMGreen Party5416.14
LiscardJane Helen OWENSConservative5025.70
LiscardStephen DOBSONConservative4404.99
LiscardLesley Catherine MAYConservative4134.69
LiscardWilliam Paul GORMANGreen Party3694.19
LiscardPeter Dino LAGEARDGreen Party3243.68
LiscardDaniel Simon BRUFFELLReform UK2202.50
LiscardVicky DOWNIELiberal Democrats1952.21
LiscardLynsey WELSHFreedom Alliance1071.21
Moreton West and Saughall MassieVida Claire WILSONConservative190817.0
Moreton West and Saughall MassieColin Leonard BALDWINConservative190116.9
Moreton West and Saughall MassieJohn Gary BENNETTConservative187516.7
Moreton West and Saughall MassieMark Stephen CAWOODLabour150813.4
Moreton West and Saughall MassieKatherine Louise STUARTLabour142812.7
Moreton West and Saughall MassieMaegen Louise STUARTLabour135812.1
Moreton West and Saughall MassieHilary Jane CULLENGreen Party3433.06
Moreton West and Saughall MassieJane Elizabeth TURNERGreen Party2942.62
Moreton West and Saughall MassieRick HUGHESGreen Party2392.13
Moreton West and Saughall MassiePaul WHELLIGANReform UK1231.10
Moreton West and Saughall MassieChristopher Malcolm TEGGINLiberal Democrats1050.935
Moreton West and Saughall MassieRobert Noel THOMPSONLiberal Democrats800.713
Moreton West and Saughall MassieNiamh Colette MCGARRY-GRIBBINFreedom Alliance630.561
New BrightonTony JONESLabour226120.9
New BrightonSue POWELL-WILDELabour213719.7
New BrightonPaul John MARTINLabour210919.5
New BrightonCynthia STONALL
Green Party7396.82
New BrightonAnn Ondra LAVINConservative6616.10
New BrightonAlexandra Clare BADWIGreen Party6536.03
New BrightonAndrew Neil BENNETTGreen Party6185.70
New BrightonAndrew GILFOYLEConservative5985.52
New BrightonElizabeth Ruth MURPHYConservative5445.02
New BrightonCharlie HOUGHTONLiberal Democrats3383.12
New BrightonDermot BOLGERFreedom Alliance1761.62
OxtonAllan John BRAMELiberal Democrats268923.6
OxtonStuart Edward KELLYLiberal Democrats259222.8
OxtonMike REDFERNLiberal Democrats211718.6
OxtonClint AGARDLabour9648.47
OxtonTony COTTIERLabour9428.28
OxtonAllan William GOODEGreen Party5775.07
OxtonRachel HEYDONGreen Party5354.70
OxtonAlex WALLISGreen Party2692.36
OxtonJon LOACHConservative1691.49
OxtonFreda PUNNENConservative1551.36
OxtonColin VALLANCE-OWENConservative1531.34
OxtonPhilip William Barrington GRIFFITHSReform UK1130.993
OxtonMonika Brigitte SKINNERFreedom Alliance1040.913
Pensby and ThingwallAnn Clarissa AINSWORTHLabour211816.3
Pensby and ThingwallMike SULLIVANLabour205015.7
Pensby and ThingwallRichie PITTLabour188314.5
Pensby and ThingwallMike COLLINSConservative176813.6
Pensby and ThingwallIvan Ajay CAMPHORConservative161712.4
Pensby and ThingwallLeah FRASERConservative158212.1
Pensby and ThingwallAllen John BURTONGreen Party550
Pensby and ThingwallMarilyn Ruth JONESGreen Party520
Pensby and ThingwallJudith WOLFLiberal Democrats444
Pensby and ThingwallMark Richard REEVESGreen Party403
Pensby and ThingwallWilliam Paul PARRYFreedom Alliance93
PrentonChristopher Brian COOKEGreen Party241921.7
PrentonHarry Ross GORMANGreen Party229720.6
PrentonNaomi Jane GRAHAMGreen Party222720.0
PrentonJohn Gerard AINSWORTHLabour124611.2
PrentonRachel MILLARDLabour114410.3
PrentonArchie WOODLabour10129.09
PrentonMicheal John CLEMENTSConservative2151.93
PrentonMark DAVEY-HAYFORDConservative1721.54
PrentonSibani GHOSHConservative1611.45
PrentonJonathan Kent RICHARDSONLiberal Democrats1050.943
PrentonLily Joanne EVANSFreedom Alliance820.736
PrentonDavid Robert TYRRELLLiberal Democrats570.512
Rock FerryPaula Bernadette BASNETTLabour152523.6
Rock FerryTony MURPHYLabour142822.1
Rock FerryCraig John MCDONALDGreen Party107316.6
Rock FerryGareth Wynne ROWLANDSGreen Party71311.0
Rock FerryYvonne NOLANIndependent4937.61
Rock FerryHelen Rosalinde O'DONNELLGreen Party4697.24
Rock FerrySusan AMYESConservative1902.93
Rock FerryFrank DOYLELiberal Democrats1712.64
Rock FerryPaul TAYLORConservative1412.18
Rock FerryMargaret Ann KALILConservative1402.16
Rock FerryTony STANLEYReform UK1312.02
SeacombeTom LAINGLabour175519.1
SeacombeKaitlin STUARTLabour169918.5
SeacombePaul Charles STUARTLabour162217.7
SeacombeRae VOLLERGreen Party125513.7
SeacombeHannah Victoria RAPLEYGreen Party124313.5
SeacombeSarah Kathryn SPOORGreen Party110712.1
SeacombeBobby CARTWRIGHTConservative1161.26
SeacombePaul CARDINFreedom Alliance1071.16
SeacombeAdele Margaret LUMBConservative1061.15
SeacombeEvelyn SORRELLConservative1031.12
SeacombeAnthony John MORRISLiberal Democrats720.783
UptonStephen BENNETTLabour223622.5
UptonJean Mary ROBINSONLabour214021.5
UptonJerry WILLIAMSLabour192019.3
UptonLily CLOUGHGreen Party6606.64
UptonJonathan Peter ANDREWConservative6496.53
UptonAndy BROWNConservative6006.04
UptonThomas Philip Steven MAXWELLConservative5495.52
UptonTim WATSONGreen Party4584.61
UptonNadia PARSONSGreen Party3403.42
UptonAlan DAVIESLiberal Democrats2522.53
UptonDebbie CAMERONFreedom Alliance1371.38
WallaseyLesley Ann RENNIEConservative239115.7
WallaseyIan LEWISConservative237015.6
WallaseyBrenda Elizabeth HALLLabour229415.1
WallaseyGraeme William COOPERLabour226114.9
WallaseySteve Frederick HOEYConservative223814.7
WallaseySaul Aiden MURPHYLabour219114.4
WallaseyMoira Joan GOMMONGreen Party3332.19
WallaseyJane Elizabeth GORMANGreen Party3011.98
WallaseyRyan Wayne DAVIESGreen Party2901.91
WallaseyJohn Richard CODLINGLiberal Democrats2451.61
WallaseyJohn Andrew URIELLiberal Democrats1160.763
WallaseyMatthew James CHELLFreedom Alliance930.611
WallaseyLynda Ellen WILLIAMSReform UK890.585
West Kirby and ThurstastonJenny JOHNSONConservative188414.4
West Kirby and ThurstastonJeff GREENConservative185914.2
West Kirby and ThurstastonSimon Richard MOUNTNEYConservative182013.9
West Kirby and ThurstastonPaula Marie KENNYLabour143311.0
West Kirby and ThurstastonMary Angela MCEWANLabour138810.6
West Kirby and ThurstastonElizabeth Frances WATKINSLabour130710.0
West Kirby and ThurstastonJohn Peter CRESSWELLLiberal Democrats6705.13
West Kirby and ThurstastonPeter Timothy Clifford REISDORFLiberal Democrats6344.86
West Kirby and ThurstastonBarbara Florence BURTONGreen Party4983.82
West Kirby and ThurstastonMark John WILDEGreen Party4933.78
West Kirby and ThurstastonRoss Alexander CAMPBELLLiberal Democrats4693.59
West Kirby and ThurstastonKaren Michelle BRENCHLEYGreen Party4633.55
West Kirby and ThurstastonPat WHEARTYFreedom Alliance1331.02

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Author: John Brace

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4 thoughts on “What were the election results in the elections of 66 councillors to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council in May 2023?”

  1. Seems people like living in a ******** so revote the same people back in power!

    1. Well doing a quick analysis out of the 66 councillors elected, 43 of those elected (65.1%) are existing Wirral Council councillors, out of the remaining 23, at least one is a former Wirral Council councillor having left I think in 2020 and another one is the husband of an existing councillor.

      So you’re right that roughly two-thirds of the councillors elected are just existing councillors being reelected.

  2. Looking at my ward, Hoylake & Meols, there’s about 52/48 percentage vote share with the winning Conservative candidates taking the lower share of the vote.

    I wonder if we’d had a PR system in place with say, the Single Transferable Vote version, more people would have turned out to vote knowing their vote would actually count rather than feeling pushed towards the usual tactical voting procedure.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Well in Hoylake and Meols, the combined total of the three winning Conservative candidates (16.2+16.0+15.9) = 48.1%.

      Generally under First Past the Post in Wirral Council elections, 43% (or higher) is enough to win as the remaining share of the vote is split between different candidates.

      Scotland and Northern Ireland already use the Single Transferable Vote system for local council elections and in Wales there was a consultation that closed in the last week on proposals to switching to using Single Transferable Vote for local council elections in Wales.

      There are some situations where the Single Transferable Vote method of counting and First Past the Post produce the same result, but my personal opinion if the choice is betweed STV and FPTP, that I’d prefer STV as the outcome better reflects voter’s choices when they vote (as opposed to First Past the Post where it just reflects the choice of those who voted for the winning candidate (or candidates).

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