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Cllr Geoffrey Watt elected Mayor of Wirral for 2018-19

Cllr Geoffrey Watt elected Mayor of Wirral for 2018-19


Annual Meeting (Part 1) (Wirral Council) 14th May 2018 Part 1 of 5

Annual Meeting (Part 1) (Wirral Council) 14th May 2018 Part 2 of 5

Annual Meeting (Part 1) (Wirral Council) 14th May 2018 Part 3 of 5

Annual Meeting (Part 1) (Wirral Council) 14th May 2018 Part 4 of 5

Annual Meeting (Part 1) (Wirral Council) 14th May 2018 Part 5 of 5 Please note at the time of writing this video clip is still uploading and will be available to watch later today.

Mayor of Wirral (2018-19) Cllr Geoffrey Watt 14th May 2018

Mayor of Wirral (2018-19) Cllr Geoffrey Watt 14th May 2018

Yesterday’s public meeting of Wirral Council (which can be watched above in five clips apart from some videos shown that I have edited out due to copyrighted music) was to elect a Civic Mayor for the 2018-19 municipal year and appoint a Deputy Civic Mayor also for the 2018-19 municipal year.

In her last speech as Mayor of Wirral outgoing Mayor Ann McLachlan congratulated Tranmere Rovers Football Club on their return to League Two. She also thanked Wirral Council staff, those involved with The Mayor’s Special Charity Fund, the Mayor’s cadets and the Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress. She then gave a brief summary of events she had attended in the previous year as Mayor of Wirral.

She asked for nominations for the Mayor of Wirral for 2018-19. Cllr Ian Lewis nominated Cllr Geoffrey Watt and gave a brief speech about Cllr Watt and his wife. Cllr Phil Davies seconded the nomination.

Mayor of Wirral Ann McLachlan asked if there were any other nominations. There weren’t any, so in the absence of any other nominations Cllr Geoffrey Watt was elected Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.

After Mayor Cllr Geoffrey Watt read his declaration of office, the Mayor’s chaplain said a prayer.

Mayor Cllr Geoffrey Watt thanked people for joining him and the Mayoress and pointed out that it was their 35th wedding anniversary. He gave a speech about his time as councillor, his ancestors, his family, his work life, his time as Deputy Mayor, rugby, football, music and sailing.

The charities the Mayor’s Special Charity Fund would support during the year he is Mayor are the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and The Foresters’ Horn Group Riding For The Disabled Association.

Cllr Phil Davies nominated Cllr Tony Smith as Deputy Civic Mayor for 2018-19. This was seconded by Cllr Ian Lewis. There were no other nominations. Cllr Tony Smith was elected as Deputy Civic Mayor for 2018-19. The meeting was then adjourned by the Mayor to 6.00 pm on Tuesday 15th May 2018.

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  1. Well I couldn’t care less about these mayoral positions. Call me a patriot but I couldn’t bloody care less.
    We’re up to our eyes in opiates, a generation of youngsters lost to my bloody generations greed, our political leaders, who we stupidly vote into office are a bunch of narcissistic scheming chancers who’ve no cognisance of what’s true and what’s false and here we are in our bloody so called democratic age of modernity ready to pop another political lightweight into the Office of Mayor, thus bloody guaranteeing them their own space on a bloody wooden plaque mounted upon the crumbling masonry of the rotten Town Hall.
    If they want to be bloody Mayor then make them earn it. In addition to their pointless chains of office, that I’d personally happily pull on either bloody end to strangle the oxygen from their bursting lungs, make it compulsory for the Mayor or Mayoress, both sexes are equally capable of being tw.a.ts, to wear a feathery plumages bonnet, a big white oversized ruff and a pair of white tight knee length britches that when worn and viewed by others would result in them saying, ‘My God. What a The things some folk will do to get noticed’.
    Make their year long tenure a bloody ordeal. One, which when examined, would leave the next Mayor thinking long and hard about having to dress up like Dick bloody Whittington whenever they were required to meet the public.
    And, if the swearing in ceremony was far to sweet, roll them round in bloody nettles. Nettles, harvested in late bloody August when their unholy barbs are at their most stinging!
    Bloody Mayor! We’ve got a mountain of issues to address as we slide ever closer to the fiscal bloody abyss. The last thing folk need is a bloody Mayor and his or her ribbon cutting scissors to open the latest Council build that they call a bloody ‘hub’ and it’s been championed by some passionate bastard who’s on a salary I’d strangle me pet cat for.(And I love my bloody cat).

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