Posted by: John Brace | 31st August 2017

3 further days of strike action on Merseyrail network over driver only operated trains

3 further days of strike action on Merseyrail network over driver only operated trains


One of the new driver only operated trains ordered by Merseytravel that has led to the strikes

One of the new driver only operated trains ordered by Merseytravel that has led to the strikes

Talks between the RMT union, LCRCA Mayor Steve Rotheram, Cllr Liam Robinson and Frank Rogers have not averted three days of strike action on the Merseyrail network planned for Friday 1st September, Sunday 3rd September and Monday 4th September.

The dispute is about the introduction of trains in 2020 which will be operated solely by a driver rather than a driver and a guard.

Trains will not be running between Hooton and Ellesmere Port on the three strike days.

Details of the reduced service running to a strike timetable are on Merseyrail’s website. There will be a period of a few hours during the middle of the day when no trains on the Merseyrail network will run.

Merseyrail trains on the following routes that usually stop at stations on the Wirral will not be stopping at the following stations.

New Brighton to Liverpool & Liverpool to New Brighton

Moorfields, Lime Street and Liverpool Central

West Kirby to Liverpool & Liverpool to West Kirby

Bidston*, Manor Road, Birkenhead Park, Conway Park, Moorfields, Lime Street and Liverpool Central

*Arriva Trains Wales trains on the Bidston-Wrexham line will still be stopping at Bidston on strike days.

Chester to Liverpool & Liverpool to Chester

Bache, Bromborough Rake, Capenhurst, Chester, Eastham Rake, Moorfields, Lime Street and Liverpool Central

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  1. 4 parties.

    1 obviously FOR the strike action. What role do the other 3 play?

    • Merseytravel signed the contract for the new trains.
      The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority agreed to Merseytravel signing the contract for the new trains.
      Merseyrail employs the driver and guards.

  2. Pity they can’t just go on strike for the whole week!

    • That would deplete the union’s “strike pay” fund more quickly though wouldn’t it than a series of one day strikes?

  3. G’day John

    I am back for another year of pointing out that “Philly Liar” is a LIAR until he DOES THE RIGHT THING by Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers.

    In their ex rubbish propaganda sheet

    Birkenhead MP Frank Field takes a swipe at ‘toe-rags dragging our town (HALL) through the gutter’

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    Good luck with that Frankie whilst Davies Davies Jones
    Jones Armstrong Williamson Doughty Abbott

    All pure crass, dross and spite. Sorry can’t spell.

    Good riddens to Turgid Sewer.

    Have they got another, do anything, say anything, hide anything parasite John or a genuine public servant?.

    • Hi James,

      In answer to your question, councillors are still having meetings (the next one is scheduled for the 12th September) to come up with a name to recommend for the next Assistant Director: Law and Governance.

      • G’day John

        I see from the attendance expected that Davies and Jones will pick the new lackey and the other plebs will just say yes Master.



        Like Bobby 47 John you will tell by looking at the new punter whether he (no chance of a she) if he is another N0rman/Tour.

        This is so important for wirral and nobody gives a toss until they are in court.

        • Well even though the Employment and Appointments Panel (Assistant Director: Law and Governance) is down as interviewing the shortlisted candidates on the 12th September 2017, the law states that the decision has to made at a meeting of all councillors (so it’ll just be a recommendation to Council from the Employment and Appointments Panel).

          I thought you might be interested in the job description.

  4. Thanks John

    That means they are struggling to find someone who isn’t fair dinkum.



    They’ll find someone as dodgy as “Sir Git” if they have enough meetings.

    • Well seeing as they put qualified solicitor in the job description, I think they know the sort of person they will get at the end!

      My own view having read the job description is that nobody would have the time (even in a full-time post) to do all elements of the role effectively. It’s like juggling multiple balls in the air at the same time.

      There’s too much squashed into this role for anyone to be effective in it, unless the person effectively is a figurehead with large chunks of it delegated to others.

      I did meet the interim post-holder yesterday though before the Cabinet meeting.

      • G’day John

        Thanks for the, as usual, brilliant explanation.

        It will suit them for the person to be overworked so he can’t do the job effectively.

        He will have to take shot cuts and then they can hold this against him.

        They will deliberately not assist with staffing and the person (definitely not a woman) will sink to their depths.



  5. G’day John

    I am still a little surprised by the response that Paul got from the Metropolitan Police regarding Mays ********.

    It really means politicians can spout any old crud and not be held to account.



    The masses are being conned.