Posted by: John Brace | 8th March 2011

Birkenhead County Court – Chaotic Scenes as Politics clashes with the law – Council Tax protester hits the news

I was going to write in answer to various Census questions people have posed but that can wait. There has been a large protest (and case adjourned) at the Birkenhead County Court leading to a number of arrests.

From reading between the lines in the article, those arrested were for breach of the peace, assaulting officers and obstructing police.

Let’s start off with a few words about Merseyside Police, however I will start this with the caveat that I wasn’t there but I have seen similar scenes before. Charges of assaulting officers is one of those charges used in order to get somebody in a van and a custody suite.

A previous case that I witnessed led to bruising of the person being arrested, four charges of assaulting a police officer (that were later dropped/dismissed in court). When the police face a mob of angry people at what they’re doing they can get their batons out and be quite emotional.

I’ve known a case where a person has been arrested for something trivial warranting say a £40 on the spot fine. However the police (who can in my experience be pretty brutal/heavy handed in sending a dozen cops to arrest one person dragging them out of a building without their feet touching the ground) must realise that their presence can inflame a situation especially where there is a crowd of people.

I’ve seen arrests where batons have been used and police have got very angry. Once police get emotional, their training can be forgotten in the heat of the moment. Often the charge of assaulting a police officer gets dropped or doesn’t stand up in court. Violence begets violence.

So getting back to the story and away from pure opinion on Merseyside Police, Wirral Council take someone to court for non-payment of Council Tax. Said person organises (or gets someone else to organise) a protest of six hundred people which turns into a riot. Court security can’t cope and call police. Police arrive and make arrests.

I’ll end on one thing. It’s a shame a Liberal Democrat government wasn’t elected, which would’ve abolished the Council Tax. Then all this time and expense, police time, Wirral Council legal department time, county court time etc etc wouldn’t have been required.

However, personally I think it is merely the start of what is to come.

There’s more about the protest here. I must admit that the article that refers to the protestors as BNP (who do hijack a lot of protests), hippies, dreadlocks, urban commandoes and those protesting “Judges are lizards” are certainly the strangest bunch of protesters I’ve heard about in a good while!

P.S. Judges in my experience always (try) in civil cases to treat litigants-in-person as fairly as possible to prevent grounds for appeal and in order to ensure justice. However as in all walks of live judges vary and some bad apples can bring the whole profession into disrepute.


  1. I was there as a spectator and from what I saw outside the court building, the police handled a difficult situation pretty well. No sign of any batons. The only aggression I saw was from one of the two police dog-handlers.

    That said, I wasn’t inside the court, where I understand all the arrests took place. There’s a lot of YouTube footage up now if you want to judge for yourself.

    This is worth a read:

  2. I must correct you on three counts:

    1. I recently resigned my membership of the BNP in ortdrr to focus better upon Lawful Rebellion. There were no incriminations but genuine thanks for the work I’d done for them.
    It is NOT the BNP who hijack events, cause mayhen and attack innocent human beings; it is the sordid, government-backed UAF.

    2. a LibDem government would NOT have abolished the Council Tax! They are exactly the same traitorous politicians as those of past Administrations – bought-andpaid-for by the Puppeteers of the European Union and the New World Order!

    3. Oh! The term is NOT ‘lizards’; it is ‘Reptilians’

    Love and Best wishes,
    of the Laybourne family (as commonly known)


    1: I wasn’t referring to you but someone else at the protest.
    2: It’s party policy to replace it with a local income tax. Generally parties implement their policies if they get elected.
    3: As lizards are reptiles, isn’t this just splitting hairs?

    Thanks for the love and best wishes. It’s a shame any case I’ve ever been involved with at the County Court has been as exciting or newsworthy!