Cabinet – Part 4 – Finance & Best Value

There was good news in report 11; of savings of £862,000 from the Insurance Fund.

A Labour councillor said something along the lines of £1 million down, £44 million to go.

Report 12 was amended, an extra clause 13.2/13.3 were added which requested a review is reported promptly as well as calling for internal audit to be more “closely aligned” with the Risk Management Strategy.

The ICT Strategy (report 13) was approved with Cllr. Green referring to it as a “good piece of work” that would “deliver savings”. He also mentioned the recent Employment and Appointments committee meeting.

Report 14 prompted some jokes about school meals as it referred to the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Interim Director of Education informed the committee of the Healthy Schools status of Wirral’s schools. Although some schools had their own arrangements for school meals, the contract (being awarded to the Potato Man) was being awarded as the previous contractor had withdrawn.

Item 15 was a good news story announced by the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group/Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Transport – Cllr Lesley Rennie.

As per previous years, there will be free parking on the three Thursdays leading up to Christmas after 3pm in Birkenhead/Liscard/Heswall and West Kirby.

In addition there will be a free Saturday morning of parking in Birkenhead on the 18th December, as well as all day on the 26th December and 1st January.

Hopefully this will support local businesses and shopping areas. Wirral Council will also be advertising and publicising this.

Author: John Brace

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