Ex-Labour Minister/MP Eliot Morley Found Guilty of Expenses Fiddles

Eliot Morley

Eliot Morley, an ex-Labour minister claimed for a mortgage that didn’t exist. When questioned about this claim he initially said “I do not believe any offence has been commited”.

For 2 years he claimed £800 a month in mortgage interest for a mortgage that didn’t exist. He overclaimed by £15,800 when he did have a mortgage. In total he fleeced the hardworking taxpayers of this country of £30,482. In addition to this he was renting off one of his homes to another MP and getting a further £1000 a month this way.

The home he rented was classed as his main home. Below is an email from the MP himself trying to explain things. The actions of Labour MPs, whether the lies of Phil Woolas triggering a byelection or expenses scandals have had a very, very damaging effect on democracy. He will be sentenced in due course.


from MORLEY, Elliot

to Holly Watt

date 13 May 2009 15:36

subject RE:

I do not believe any offence has been commited. I have reported this to the Finance dpt and chief whip I have made a mistake I apologise for that and I take full responsibility. I realised the mistake when I received my reciepts. I took immediate steps to raise the money and it has already been sent to the Finance dpt. There may be an adjustment for what I have paid on the endownment but I may be out of time. My prioity was to repay and if I suffer finaciallly as a result of that I have only myslf to blame.

The claim by Mr Cawsey was enterily legitimate The mortgage then was 900 per month council tax 100 I paid for furnishing and other costs. It had to my main home as a minister. When I claimed on London I renogiated the mortgage. Part had been paid off so I could claim a lower amount from that time. The mortgage in my constituency was interst only on an accelareted payment to reduce costs. My mistake was not to keep track and I repeat I have taken action to rectify that. I have not had any income on London and have used rent received to reduce the morgage reducing the claim to the taxpayer.

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