Posted by: John Brace | 5 October 2018

Hearing in Chalmers vs Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (E14YJ013) was adjourned

Hearing in Chalmers vs Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council (E14YJ013) was adjourned


Birkenhead County Court entrance 5th October 2018

Birkenhead County Court entrance 5th October 2018

I went to Birkenhead County Court today (in Hamilton Street, Birkenhead) as a case involving Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council was listed for a hearing. Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council is the Defendant and the Claimant is Chalmers.

When I arrived and looked at the hearing list on the ground floor, it hadn’t been put up yet, so I went up to the fourth floor to check the hearings elsewhere just to find out where it was by process of elimination.

Returning to the ground floor a member of court staff was just putting up the listings for Court Room One, which included the case I was interested in (E14YJ013). It was listed for a hearing starting at 10.00 am in front of District Judge Hennessy.

So I went to Court Room One, with the usual search of my belongings and wand of a metal detector by G4S security staff. He asked me what I was there for so I explained which case I was there for. The guy doing the search said that the court usher would speak to me.

At around 9.34 am the court usher came over and I explained who I was and that I was a journalist proposing to report on the hearing. She asked me if the parties knew I would be reporting on it, to which I answered as far as I knew they weren’t.

Around ten minutes later she told me that the hearing wasn’t going to take place in Court Room One and I was to go to the Judges’ Chambers Reception on the fourth floor.

So up four flights of stairs I went, went through a security search (again) and went to a reception desk where unfortunately there wasn’t anybody there.

However I saw the same court usher who came out of the Judges’ Chambers with another member of court staff and asked her as the venue for the hearing had changed did I need to tell them I was there again? The member of court staff she was with told me (at 9.57 am) that the hearing (originally due to start at 10.00 am) had been vacated and adjourned.

So I left. Public transport on the way back was busier than usual because of the Giants event and there were notices up at Birkenhead Bus Station on the screens about the delays and changed bus routes as a result.

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