Inspector McGregor swoops again – 5 drug related arrests above the North Star pub after a cannabis farm discovered

The Wirral Globe has good news for the local police (and local community) they’ve found a cannabis farm above the North Star pub on Laird Street.

Perhaps this is why Inspector McGregor didn’t make it to the Oxton/Prenton Area Forum if he was involved with this raid? Although someone else present did say he was on leave. Certainly those present at the Bidston & St. James/Claughton Area Forum last month were puzzled by the absence of any police (especially as it was held at the St. James Centre just across the road from the police station!)

The North Star pub is about 600m from the Laird Street Police Station and 200m from the Custody Suite, which makes you wonder how dozy (or brazen) the local cannabis dealers must be to try and deal in drugs this so close to the police (in fact so close to the custody suite the police could’ve walked them there and saved the petrol!)

Certainly residents in the area have been complaining to me about crime since November of last year, so I’m pleased that the police are taking action on alleged local drug dealers. The article mentions it was in response to community intelligence. Drug dealing is associated with an increase in burglaries, car crime and other forms of antisocial behaviour.

What was commented on at the last Area Forum was how pleased the residents in sheltered accommodation near the Community Mobile Police Station downtown were as they felt safer now to walk the streets after previous problems with antisocial behaviour.

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Author: John Brace

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