Posted by: John Brace | 9th April 2015

Mayor Joe Anderson responds to green space protestors "I've got news for you I'm going to stand again [as Mayor]"

Mayor Joe Anderson responds to green space protestors “I’ve got news for you I’m going to stand again [as Mayor]”


Protest outside Liverpool Town Hall 8th April 2015

Protest outside Liverpool Town Hall 8th April 2015

About three dozen people protested outside Liverpool Town Hall yesterday ahead of a meeting of Liverpool City Council councillors. The protest was about opposing any plans to build on green space land and against Liverpool City Council selling off any green space land to developers.

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One of the protestors from a group called Save Our Green Spaces Liverpool addressed the meeting and said, “Firstly, we want to ask the Council and the Mayor once again to respect the views of local people and our communities and not just listen to their preferred developers whose objectives seem to be for short-term economic gain at Liverpool’s long-term expense.”

She asked for new housing to be built on brownfield sites and not green space sites and said “As a Labour run Council, it is your duty to look to the benefit of your constituents and listen to their views and to keep the lungs of our city in our parks and open spaces.

We would also hope finally that in the Mayor’s final year he would want his legacy to be the introduction of building thousands of homes by the Council, affordable homes for its people on brownfield sites, rather than being remembered for building homes for the elite on places like Sefton Park Meadows.”

Mayor Joe Anderson responds on the issue of green spaces in Liverpool 8th April 2015

Mayor Joe Anderson responds on the issue of green spaces in Liverpool 8th April 2015

Mayor Joe Anderson (pictured above) said that the protestors were “coming together in an alliance with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats to cause political mischief”. He claimed that “over the last four years, 167 sites totalling more than 100 acres have been created or improved within this city. We’ve now got more green space in this city than we’ve ever had in the history of this city, more green space now than we’ve ever had.”

He finished by saying, “We’re not in the hands of anybody, we’re in the hands of the people of this city and it’s they who will decide. Let’s see and let me tell you one thing Janet you said in my last year as Mayor, well I’ve got news for you I’m going to stand again!”

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  1. excellent writing and video – Mayor Anderson his usual bullying – aggressive self…..

    • When he arrived in the Council Chamber one of the first things he said to Cllr Alan Dean (looking straight at me with my tripod and camera set up) loud enough for me to hear it was “What is he doing here!?”

      • he wouldn’t want you there as his bullying of the public gallery is exposed….

  2. Mr Brace, if they get their way, there will be no more teddy bears picnic’s in Woolly Woods, Arrgh Hey!!!!

  3. Link to more of the Mayor’s bullying here. Warning. The lengths to which he and his abusive collaborators are prepared to go are really quite shocking:

  4. My God! That Joe is one tough looking man! Sweet loving Jesus you wouldn’t want to fall out with him in an Ale House.
    Good grief! This little cutie wasn’t born. He was quarried and if he ever did emerge from his Mam’s vagina howling, ‘pass me your breast I’m ravenous’, I sincerely hope the midwife slapped his Mother.
    I mean, just look at the size of him and the power that could be generated from those neck muscles. Heaven help anyone who becomes annoyed by his bullying and ever sits down around a lit candle with a bunch of good lads from The Pool and they covertly discuss the notion that Joe needs kidnapping to stop him becoming Mayor.
    Well I want no part of it. I’ll be damned if I want anything to do with it. I mean, if he were your kith and kin would you want him back. I bloody wouldn’t! You’d have to negotiate hard to win a bag of Everton Mints and half a kilo of seasoned pork rind.
    No! There’s some folks you’ll fight and others you cross the road and completely avoid and my advice to anyone out there seriously considering stopping Joe from becoming Mayor and contemplating his kidnap,…don’t. It’s illegal, it carries a mandatory life sentence and if ever Joe wriggles free from your radiator he’s going to rip your head off and turn you into a vegetable.