Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat in Bidston & St. James on May 5th – Day Two

There are four choices you face in Bidston & St. James on May 5th. Your choices are Lib Dem, Labour, Conservative or UKIP. I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats.

UKIP came 5th last year with just over 3% of the vote. They are on course for coming last this time. The Tories didn’t even manage 11%.

Last year 78% of people either voted Lib Dem or Labour. Under our first past the post system if you vote Conservative or UKIP your vote won’t count but just help Labour to get elected.

In 2007 Labour’s candidate Harry Smith got elected with 1,384 votes. Last year the Lib Dems got 699. Only ~7% of voters will decide the result.

If you vote Liberal Democrat on May 5th:-

a) if you voted Green or BNP last time, voting Lib Dem will force Labour to work harder.
b) if you voted Labour last time but Lib Dem this time it will reduce Labour’s majority by 2.
c) if you voted Lib Dem last time, thank you but we need you to vote Lib Dem again.
d) if you voted Conservative last time, Lib Dems work with the Conservative Party and a vote for the Conservative candidate will just result in Labour being elected.
e) if you voted UKIP last time, a vote for the UKIP candidate will just help Labour. Please consider voting Lib Dem.

Under our first past the post system, the winning candidate only needs about 39% to win.

Postal voters should be getting their vote in the next fortnight, please let me know if you don’t receive yours and I will do my best to help. Last year, like many residents I didn’t receive my postal vote and had to be given two postal votes (local and General) on polling day. I hope this year things will run smoother.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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