What are the election statements of the 4 Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner candidates?

Jane Kennedy (left), the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside and Labour Party candidate in the 2016 elections for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside at a public meeting of the Police and Fire Collaboration Committee (2015)

What are the election statements of the 4 Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner candidates?


Jane Kennedy (left), the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside and Labour Party candidate in the 2016 elections for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside at a public meeting of the Police and Fire Collaboration Committee (2015)
Jane Kennedy (left), the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside and Labour Party candidate in the 2016 elections for a Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside at a public meeting of the Police and Fire Collaboration Committee (2015)

Each candidate for Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner has produced a statement outlining what they would do if elected, which can be read on the Chose My PCC website. However I doubt many of the 1.4 million people on Merseyside who can vote in this election have heard of that website, so I have copied their election statements below. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname. For those voting in this election at their polling station, polling stations will be open for voting from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday 5th May 2016.

David Robert Burgess-Joyce (Conservative Party candidate)

For over 30 years I have supported law and order locally, nationally and internationally in Merseyside Police as a former Special Constabulary Chief Officer, and as a member of the National Crime Squad and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. However, the most important post is the one I am applying for now, that of Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner. This is not just a wish to get back into the policing world but a genuine belief that the communities of Merseyside have not felt their police force has prioritised their needs in recent years.

Each year thousands of residents and businesses lose large sums of money through hackers and scammers who prey on their trust. More sinister too are the threats from paedophile gangs. I will ensure Merseyside is a hostile environment for those seeking to harm our children and vulnerable people.

It is clear to many people that the police have retreated from our streets. One of my first decisions will be to redress this by making all officers available for front-line duties. I don’t want to see any ‘forgotten’ areas in Merseyside; we all deserve access to sensible levels of policing.

I believe a re-organisation of current resources is more important than increasing council tax and guarantee we can get more out of our police force without necessarily putting more money in.

Local police and fire services work well together. As Police and Crime Commissioner I will merge much of their work, saving money to put where it is needed most: protecting law-abiding citizens and arresting criminals.

My priority will always be to make Merseyside safer for the law-abiding and hostile to the criminal.

Prepared by Simon Eardley on behalf of David Burgess-Joyce both of Wirral West Conservative Association, 24 Meols Drive, Wirral, CH47 4AN.


Email: davidburgessjoyce4pcc@mail.com

Tel: 07769 326170

Christopher David Vincenzo Carubia (Liberal Democrat Party candidate)

Chris Carubia – working to cut crime and protect frontline policing in Merseyside.

Chris was elected as a Liberal Democrat Councillor in Wirral in 2014 – where he lives with his wife and daughter. Chris has spent over 35 years working in electrical engineering and I.T. management both in the UK and abroad.

Chris’s priorities for Merseyside are:

– Maintain a visible presence by defending front line policing

– Protect neighbourhood policing and fully support our PCSOs

– Ensure swift and effective response to reports of anti-social behaviour

– Prioritise tackling domestic violence and sexual exploitation

– Champion the rights of the victims and the use of restorative justice

“I am standing for Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner to work hard and make Merseyside the best police force in the country.

Policing faces many funding challenges and I believe this post needs a fresh, practical approach. One that is not influenced by existing culture.

I believe to be effective in this role you need to listen to residents of Merseyside. The Commissioner should be the voice of the community within the police force – not the police force’s voice in the community.

With your support on May 5th I’ll make sure we have an effective, well-funded police force that will help keep you and your family safe.”

This election address was prepared by Kris Brown on behalf of Chris Carubia both at 509 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AE.


John Bernard Coyne (Green Party candidate)

Traffic policing has not been a key priority for Merseyside Police and, while general crime has been falling, road crime such as dangerous speeding has not. The toll of killed and seriously injured across Merseyside remains high.

I would call on the police to tackle road danger as a key priority, with challenging targets. If needed, I would propose an increase in the police precept to provide resources for road policing.

Other police priorities are widely agreed, such as action on serious and organised crime, domestic abuse, hate crime, burglary, violent crime, support for victims, tackling antisocial behaviour and supporting neighbourhood policing.

As a city councillor from 2002 until 2015, I worked alongside the neighbourhood policing team in my ward, gaining insights into the value of local policing. To make neighbourhood policing more effective and more visible, I would encourage police to use cycles rather than cars for non-emergency patrols.

The illegal drug trade fuels the gun and gang culture on Merseyside: the police and the community need to act against it. The PCC should speak to government about its failure to either reconsider the need for drugs to continue to be illegal or else provide adequate funding to deal with the consequences.

In the meantime, resources should not be wasted punishing people with a medical condition which they manage by cultivating a few cannabis plants.

The PCC should build trust between every part of the public and the police. I would monitor and review local policing to make sure the police were not seen to be acting in an oppressive way against any element of the public, such as ethnic minorities or vulnerable people, particularly the homeless or those in fear of eviction.

This form has been prepared by John Coyne, 86 Belgrave Road Liverpool L17 7AH

web www.coyne4pcc.org

email john@coyne4pcc.org

Jane Kennedy (Labour Party candidate)

Re-elect Jane Kennedy as Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner

I am asking the people of Merseyside to re-elect me as their Police Commissioner on 5th May.

The Tories have cut police budgets hard and areas like Merseyside have lost a huge number of jobs. Since 2010 we have lost 1600 police officers and staff due to the Tories savage cuts. I fought hard to stop them from cutting the Force even further and thanks to a strong public response last October, over 16,000 people signed my petition in just two weeks.

As a result of public pressure George Osborne promised to stop any further cuts and so we can save our PCSOs, our mounted unit and neighbourhood patrols along with a wide range of other services which were under threat. I am in no doubt that if I had not challenged him about the cuts and if Merseysiders had ignored my petition, we would be in grave danger of reducing the police force to a ‘blue light’ only emergency service.

But there is something to celebrate. In spite of being one of the hardest hit by Tory cuts Merseyside Police have been judged to be one of the best performing metropolitan police forces in England by the independent police inspectorate, HMIC.

As Merseyside Police Commissioner I will:

  • Work hard with the Chief Constable to maintain this outstanding performance

  • Build even better services for the victims of crime

  • Work hard to make our roads safer for all

  • Fight against further cuts to the police budget

With the support of the people of Merseyside I can do this and more. That is why I am seeking re-election on May 5th 2016.

Promoted by Peter Dowling on behalf of Jane Kennedy at 108 Prescot Road, Liverpool L7 0JA


Twitter: @jane4merseyside

Facebook: Jane Kennedy


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2 thoughts on “What are the election statements of the 4 Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner candidates?”

  1. Bloody Police Commissioners! How on earth did we arrive at a place where it was thought that one man or woman, both sexes are equally capable of doing a job they’re not qualified to do, could lead and manage the Police Service without knowing a single jot about the task and role of the Police.
    When you cut through all the drivel and tripe, the only single task they’re required, able and qualified to do is sack or suspend the Chief Constable if he suddenly loses his mind, begins a killing spree that leaves thousands pleading for some justice because he, the mentally deranged Chief has gone on national TV pledging to kill more if he’s not apprehended and detained under the provisions of the Mental Health Act. Other than bloody that, and that’s plenty enough, they’ve got bugger all else to do other than nod their heads pretending to the Chief that they’ve understood anything that’s been uttered.
    I could do that job. No better or worse than any of the applicants. And as for their Election Statements, which amount to pledges to the electorate, you’ll notice that not one pledge, promise or aim is for something that we can all bloody understand. No fine words like, ‘I will rid the Wirral of lewd promiscuous couples who’s acts in public spaces are directed and sanctioned by the Birkenhead Dogging Association’, or a real simple one like, ‘I’m going to do me bestest to stop the littering of our streets’. No! What you get are words cleverly crafted together that imply nothing. Empty shells of bugger all that are intended to get you to leave your home, hurtle down to the Polling Station screaming, ‘he’ll do for me’ giving one of them the golden opportunity to draw a salary and do bugger all.
    It makes me weep that only a dozen in a hundred will even bother to place a cross against the winner of this grand prize and the remaining eighty eight have to sit back and observe the outcome of a pointless piece of local democratic window dressing that nobody could care less about.

    1. I think they have more powers than just the ability to suspend/sack the Chief Constable (although most of their powers have to be exercised with the oversight of the Police and Crime Panel).

      From what I remember the Police and Crime Commissioner (subject to the approval of the Police and Crime Panel) can appoint a deputy, the PCC also makes various key decisions and chairs many of the committees that have oversight over what the police do.

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