What was the 2016 EU Referendum result on the Wirral and the UK?

What was the 2016 EU Referendum result on the Wirral and the UK?                              The 2016 EU Referendum result on Wirral was as follows: Remain 88,931 (51.6%) Leave 83,069 (48.4%) 137 ballot papers were rejected. Total votes cast 172,137 (turnout 70.96%). However nationally the result was different: Leave 17,410,742 Remain 16,141,241 25,359 ballot papers were … Continue reading “What was the 2016 EU Referendum result on the Wirral and the UK?”

front of polling card EU Referendum 2016

What was the 2016 EU Referendum result on the Wirral and the UK?


front of polling card EU Referendum 2016
front of polling card EU Referendum 2016

The 2016 EU Referendum result on Wirral was as follows:

Remain 88,931 (51.6%)
Leave 83,069 (48.4%)

137 ballot papers were rejected.

Total votes cast 172,137 (turnout 70.96%).

However nationally the result was different:

Leave 17,410,742
Remain 16,141,241

25,359 ballot papers were rejected.

Total votes cast 33,577,342. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the EU Referendum result on the Electoral Commission’s website.

However there were a number of things that happened during the EU Referendum campaign that could trigger a legal challenge to the result.

I outline below an email I sent yesterday to the Returning Officer Eric Robinson here on Wirral about a UKIP poster telling me to vote Leave propped up on the wall of my local polling station.

He sent me a very quick and polite reply back!

Dear Eric Robinson,

I went to vote today this morning at my polling station at

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
Gautby Road
CH41 7DU

which is a polling station for polling district AC in the Bidston and St. James ward.

When I left the polling station, I saw outside a few yards from the entrance to the polling station (still in the grounds of the school being used as a polling station) against a wall a large UKIP poster on corrugated plastic suggesting I vote leave.

Obviously it didn’t influence me as I have already voted, but I immediately brought it to the attention of one of your election staff who was in the corridor outside the room used for voting.

She immediately came with me and removed the UKIP poster which shouldn’t have been there and commented that "they keep sneaking in".

It was in a position that people had to pass to get in to the polling station, however I will point out it wasn’t there when I entered the polling station.

Please could you regard this as a recorded compliment to that member of staff for the efficient and effective way that they dealt with my query and removal of the poster.

I would also be keen to know if you in your capacity as Returning Officer will be writing to UKIP (and/or referring this matter to the police) reminding them that leaving posters outside polling station entrances propped up against walls suggesting which way people vote is not allowed!

Thank you,

John Brace

3/10/2016 UKIP have been in touch to state that they wouldn’t sanction what happened at the polling station detailed above.

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Author: John Brace

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2 thoughts on “What was the 2016 EU Referendum result on the Wirral and the UK?”

  1. We are enroute ‘out’ of this dysfunctional man made unholy Union and I couldn’t be happier.
    The Union is the greatest man made social engineering mistake since Hitler decided his people needed more living space and I celebrate the spirit of the people of our Country who decided to vote out.
    My personal reasons for voting to Leave had nothing to do with immigration, albeit those that did were perfectly entitled to question the lunacy of Free Movement Of People. I voted out simply because of the insanity of the economics that the EU has helped create.
    Essentially, the Union is an expansionistic empire that’s hoovering up lands of people who are then all required to compete with the mighty capitalistic global ideology that the EU has morphed into and become a component part in creating the exodus of millions and millions of people from the impoverished East to the wealthy West.
    And since 2004, when the E8 member states got the nod, they’ve left their homelands in their millions to become a vast army of cheap labour that’s driven by market forces to work harder, longer, faster and cheaper than everyone else. The consequence has been the West have asset stripped the East of their greatest resource, people, and left the East with ghost Towns and City’s and no young people to develop and create a strong future.
    The EU has created an social, economic and political environment that’s allowed greed and the abuse of people to germinate, flourish and prosper and it’s all in the name of One Market, One Currency, One Ideology and the belief that millions of people will travel around the Continent as a part of an army of cheap labour to serve big business and create wealth for the few.
    To quote the great Michael Gorgachev, ‘it amazes me that Western Leaders who spent so much time and money bringing down communism have now created a trade bloc that is certainly closely associated with Communistic ideology’.
    The truth is, there are essentially two groups within the Union. The Have group in the West and the Have Not group in the East and the EU arrangement is the Haves can have what the have nots have got and, if they choose, and they do, the have nots can leave their homes, their families and their Country to taste what life’s like being a have in the West and have what the haves have got. Unsurprisingly, the have group tend to remain where they are rather than go East.
    A fine noble cause indeed but it’s not without its casualties who are always the poor people. They are the ones who meet the price and they are the ones who are expected to compete with one another and graft longer, faster, harder, cheaper and more efficiently as they battle to create wealth for the few and the unelected mandarins of Brussels who see people, the simple good people as a source of labour.
    Finally, I fish with a guy called Igor. He’s a Latvian. He left his wife and children nearly ten years ago to pick fruit and toil in the fields for our minimum wage that’s seven times higher than he can earn back home.
    The real tragedy is my friend Igor is a Bio Chemist who, before he left home to graft for the UK Plc and live in a three bed terraced house he shares with sixteen other migrants to keep the costs down, once taught and lectured in his home city’s University. Where’s the morality in this arrangement?
    The truth is the losers are the Latvian people who’ve invested their money in this good fellas education only to see it lost and made worthless because picking fruit, plucking chickens or washing cars is a better option than remaining at home with his family.
    I ask you, what’s so wrong in voting to Leave the EU to escape the madness of the Union.

    1. I try very hard not to interfere in the internal affairs of the State, but you can probably tell from the below I have an opinion.

      However in the ideal world (of the EU) Igor (because he is in the EU and an EU citizen) would have his qualification/s therefore recognised in this country (the UK) and be interviewed by a totally non-racist or biased interviewer and be able to use his skills in a job of better benefit to society as a whole.

      However universities aren’t like that as if you look for example at the percentage of applications from disabled students vs the percentage of those that are accepted you see a discrepancy because of a bias on the part of the admission tutors. I know this because I used to sit on staff/student committees discussing all this. I sadly doubt the situation has moved on much regarding discrimination as senior managers in universities say they want to change it, then do the complete opposite. They don’t want the status quo to change as it’s all too difficult, political and well aren’t there better things to spend time and money on discussing that’ll get them good stories in the local newspapers? Let’s find some less troublesome students to sit on our committee that won’t turn up to meetings and ask awkward questions like Mr. Brace?

      The same applies to recruiting their staff, they want to recruit more people like themselves so the Igors don’t stand a chance. Nobody challenges peoples’ bias so the status quo remains the same (sadly).

      So, perhaps this all sounds a bit bleak from someone with a background in human rights. However, I respectfully disagree with you bobby47. Immigration is not the issue in this country it’s been hyped up to be by demagogues in the media in the lead up to the EU Referendum (but I would say that being married to an immigrant wouldn’t I?)

      Brussels and economic inequality have their downsides yes. Personally I agree with you that the economy of this country has been helped for too long as its been propped up by a supply of labour from abroad. It’s meant that problems this country should’ve tackled haven’t been.

      What happens when we leave the EU to all that? Well the markets have spoken, companies and businesses are already relocating out of the UK and taking some jobs with them.

      Was the price worth paying for David Cameron’s resignation?

      What will happen next?

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