Will HMCTS put the hearing back into judicial hearings for the hard of hearing?

Will HMCTS put the hearing back into judicial hearings for the hard of hearing?

Will HMCTS put the hearing back into judicial hearings for the hard of hearing?

Birkenhead County Court entrance 5th October 2018
Birkenhead County Court

On Saturday, Leonora went round the gold Dalek and then made a beeline for the machines that measure time, each machine reflected an aspect of its creator.

Time is a strange concept to put into words, yet people exist within their own reality bubble.

Yet this is merely a segue to the reality check that was the last HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service) webinar about the use of remote hearings for judicial proceedings in the UK held nearly a month ago.

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HMCTS – The use of remote hearings to maintain justice during the coronavirus outbreak

It was a reality check because matters that would normally be consulted on, with the flaws worked out, it was not done that way round this time as carrying on with judicial hearings during the coronavirus crisis was seen as a priority.

The first set of questions and answers published runs to 14 pages which shows how (as anyone with any experience in IT will probably already know) you shouldn’t roll out something and make it live without proper testing first.

Pages 11-12 deal with questions raised about sign language and interpreters, but the questions cover crime, civil, family and tribunals jurisdictions.

However (much like the wide variety of different systems used for public meetings of local government bodies) all kinds of different and exotic software has been used so far.

Video conferencing software was never really designed for this use though so HMCTS will eventually be rolling out the Cloud Video Platform (abbreviated to CVP) to court and tribunal jurisdictions.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, hence why the UK is in a Brexit transition period, but the clock is ticking to the end of the transition period at the end of this calendar year!

      1. Strange how HM Government seems to be exempt from ‘due diligence’ before rolling out such a huge project!

        1. Thanks, well during the webinar HMCTS’ Director of Communications was rather embarrassingly muted for around 8 seconds when it came to his time to speak.

          That becomes somewhat ironic when your job title is Director of Communications!

          But then, when you get through all the thank yous, there wasn’t much time left in the webinar!

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