Wirral Council buy Vue Cinema in Birkenhead for £7.1 million!

Wirral Council buy Vue Cinema in Birkenhead for £7.1 million!

Vue Cinema (Birkenhead) 9th February 2019

Wirral Council buy Vue Cinema in Birkenhead for £7.1 million!


Vue Cinema (Birkenhead) 9th February 2019
Vue Cinema (Birkenhead) 9th February 2019

Wirral Council have revealed today (Friday being a good day to bury news) that they have bought the Vue Cinema in Birkenhead for £7.1 million.

This follows the purchase of the nearby Europa Building for £8.4 million and the recent buyout of the lease of Birkenhead Market.

All three buildings are within the Birkenhead and Tranmere ward which was closely contested between the Green Party and the Labour Party and at the last election Cllr Pat Cleary was elected with 1,881 votes and the Labour candidate Paul Jobson came second with 1,810 votes.

Showing at the cinema today are the following films (with our own satirical take on the films showing based on how they are described on the Internet Movie Database website):

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

It’s been five years since everything was great, but now people are facing a great threat from those who are wrecking things fast.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Tyrant Grimmel has to be stopped from finding a hidden world.

Alita: Battle Angel

One person’s journey to discover the truth about herself in her fight to change the world.

Green Book

Set in 1960s American South it describes a fictional account of how people are treated in a bitterly divided society.


A security guard uses his supernatural abilities to pursue a man referred to as The Beast, but events are influenced by people who hold secrets.

Escape Room

Six strangers are trapped in a number of rooms and must work together to survive. Not meant as an allegory for public meetings at Wallasey Town Hall.


Set in the year 1987, this is about an recently turned adult called Charlie discovering a broken Bumblebee.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man crosses paths with five other Spider-Men from different realities in order to combat a threat to all realities.

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Author: John Brace

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5 thoughts on “Wirral Council buy Vue Cinema in Birkenhead for £7.1 million!”

  1. What! More money wasted and ,of course, it’s all down to the Tories and austerity! NOT! Who advises such egotistic purchases?
    What return does the Council think this will generate? Will this become another white elephant?
    Still let’s put up Council Tax, Police levy and cut services- but not Councillors perks or Senior Management salaries.

    1. Well as far as I can tell this is all the public are told (this is a quote from the Cabinet report on it):

      3.7 Economic and Housing Growth

      3.7.1 Within the programme is an allocation of £9.8 million for investment in properties to fund acquisitions that will provide a revenue income stream to the Council. Acquisition of the Vue cinema has been completed at a cost of £7.1 million. The acquisition of the leasehold interest in Birkenhead Market will be completed by 2nd February when the management Market will return to the council.”

      It’s all part of Wirral Council’s Masterplan for Birkenhead which is supposed to be being consulted on!

      There’s also a further reference to the purchase here:

      3.9.2 Investment in Properties (£0.450 million)

      Funding brought forward from 2019/20 to cover the estimated stamp duty for the purchase of Birkenhead Market and the Vue Cinema.”

  2. I am writing to the Council to ask for a tax refund, i work long hours with no time to enjoy life, have little money and to think of the blood, sweat and tears i have to go thought to pay this bloody tax each month, and for what?
    We need to kick the whole damn lot of them out on their ears, my old boss sits on the Council lives in a posh house drives a big flash car that would take me a hundred years to buy and i struggle to buy food some weeks!
    Its about time the sheep of Wirral woke up!

    1. I can understand how you feel. Unfortunately the attitude from those who make decisions is that people must be stupid.

      People will get a vote in May (less than three months away). What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

      In most places there is unfortunately an element of unfairness between the people and those in charge.

      There was an experiment done in Dauphin in Canada where everyone was given a basic income back in the 1970s.

      It solved a lot of the issues connected to poverty.

      The inequalities in this society have gone too far though in my opinion. Political deadlock over Brexit is taking things to a crisis point too.

  3. Re Dauphin. Finland has tried a similar experiment for the last two years but has given up because it was evident it wasn’t working in that too many recipients were still not seeking work

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