Anna Klonowski Associates Ltd Report

A Supplementary Report and a Covering Report are down as item 19A of tomorrow night’s Wirral Council’s Cabinet agenda.

However the full report and executive summary is not going to be published until those named in it have had a right of reply. It’s a rather long running saga, a little complex to put into a short blog post but the supplementary report (which relates to the institutional failings at Wirral Council previously also identified by former employee Martin Morton) should hopefully start Wirral Council back on the path to where it should be.

Clearly somebody’s going to make political capital out of it (and the full report and executive summary when it’s published). With a third of council seats up for election (22) in May 2012, I’m sure some councillors would prefer the reports to be published sooner rather than later.

Update 22/9/11: There’s a Wirral Globe story about it written by Leigh Marles that goes into more detail.