Posted by: John Brace | 21st May 2012

Council Annual Meeting Part 2 21/5/12

In a meeting lasting just under an hour, Cllr Phil Davies (Labour) was elected as the new Leader of Wirral Council.

He announced the following Cabinet portfolios:

Finance Cllr Phil Davies (Labour)
Improvement and Governance/ Deputy Leader Cllr Ann McLachlan (Labour)
Adult Social Care & Public Health Cllr Anne McArdle (Labour)
Housing and Community Safety Cllr George Davies (Labour)
Children’s Services and Lifelong Learning Cllr Tony Smith (Labour)
Corporate Resources Cllr Adrian Jones (Labour)
Environment Cllr Brian Kenny (Labour)
Culture, Tourism & Leisure Cllr Chris Meaden (Labour)
Regeneration & Planning Strategy Cllr Pat Hackett (Labour)
Streetscene and Transport Services Cllr Harry Smith (Labour)

There won’t be a Community and Customer Engagement Cabinet position.

The committee places and representation on outside bodies was also agreed. I’ll blog about the details day after tomorrow.