37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council's budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open

37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council’s budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open

37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council’s budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open


Councillor Phil Davies "I'm pleased that for a second successive year this Administration will freeze Wirral's council tax" Budget Council 24th February 2015
Councillor Phil Davies "I’m pleased that for a second successive year this Administration will freeze Wirral’s council tax" Budget Council 24th February 2015

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Video of the Wirral Council Budget meeting of the 24th February 2015 is above and the papers for this meeting are on Wirral Council’s website.

There was plenty of blame to go round at last night’s Council meeting, called to agree Wirral Council’s budget for 2015/16.

Labour’s Cllr Phil Davies blamed both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. The Tory Leader Cllr Jeff Green chose instead to blame the Labour Administration on Wirral Council. The Lib Dems said that both Tories (on using money for welfare assistance for other purposes) and Labour (on streetlights not being fixed) were wrong, but did agree with Cllr Green’s plea for a U-turn on the closure of Lyndale School.

The sole Green Party councillor Cllr Pat Cleary blamed first the Conservatives referring to “untold misery” caused by housing benefit reforms and then the Labour Administration for accepting the Council Tax Freeze Grant which he called “simply a bribe”.

It then went on and on and on a lot more with backbench councillors trying to score political points. In the end Labour wouldn’t back down on closing Lyndale School and the votes were as follows:

Lib Dem Budget
Votes: 5 for, 56 against, 1 abstention

Conservative amendment to Schools Budget to reverse Lyndale School closure decision
Votes: 24 for, 37 against, 1 abstention

Conservative Budget
Votes: 18 votes for, 43 against, 1 abstention

Labour budget
Votes: 37 votes for, 24 against, 1 abstention

The councillors went on to agree to Eric Robinson as Chief Executive, unusually by a card vote with 57 votes for, 4 against and 1 abstention.

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29 thoughts on “37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council's budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open”

  1. G’day John

    Regarding yesterday’s article in the rubbish paper from over “The Football Shits” Stella’s water.

    Merseyside to miss out on €100m EU cash after Supreme Court rejects Liverpool council appeal

    I believe John this is what they call exemplary penalty in parliament, you would know better than me.

    This is what happens when you don’t listen and defiantly stand against whistle blowers.

    “Highbrow” produced so much irrefutable evidence to all 66 members as well as senior officers that they chose to ignore.

    The people who suffer are the good public of Wirral, senior officers will keep their jobs but the people who profit most are “The Shysters Gang”. They give poor advice and then are still getting paid for defending and/or attacking the outcome.

    I am starting to think Hugo is wrong and these buffoons should be voted back in to face the ultimate consequences.



  2. G’day John

    Luv luv luv your new camera but are you now using purple tinted lenses or is “Phil the Dill” just sharing the sunbed with the bodgers fake tanned “Football Shit” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer”?

    Might just be their inflated blood pressure that matches their egos’.


    Irreverent Aussie

  3. Mr Griffiths, I think you will find that this is a work on behalf of the Liverpool People, not the combined Authority, as if you had been following the Stella Waters Paper. I do not think that either Mr D or Mr D.C. would have approved. You are quite right the Supreme Court of the UK ruled against them. Now if B.J. wants, he can now go to Europe in a further step to achieve his aim or go the whole way and try to cause a Rift between the UK and UN, as he has Threatened. I hope this does not happen and I do not think the D or DC would want this

      1. G’day John

        Thanks for that I gave it a bit of a bash.

        It is obvious and apparent The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills didn’t go to my school of advanced irreverent comments.

        He as The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills is not going to say Wirral are useless.

        Where is that DCLG Report that was finished over a year ago?

        I can assure your viewers though that by my last four years experience they are despicable and contemptible.



        Ps I am sure Reprahnehpets will be able to summarise this in his work time at the clowncil.

  4. Mr Brace and Mr Griffiths, firstly I knew Mr Brace would do the Case Summary and European Legislation, he is the man and I knew it would not take long for you Mr Griffiths to Comment, I will lay odds, not a pun on the tolls protest group leader, that the S.O.S. had a Drink or two, with his leader on this one, yet another display of kiss and make up

  5. So John

    Merseyside and South Yorkshire had Xmas early.

    Did they do the right thing?

    You decide?

    The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills seems to have made up his mind up.



    Ps I bet that auditor made up his mind too.

    1. I made my mid up Months and Months Ago, you have always been preaching to the Converted

  6. Thanks Reprahnehpets

    But it is just common sense that if you spend £200,000.00+ defending the theft and wastage of OUR MONEY yes Reprahnehpets OUR MONEY despite what that fool with “The Football Shit” stands up in public and says….. you will get what you deserve…….. Zilch.

    Well as we know they are getting more than zilch but do not deserve one penny after there years of stubborn pig headiness of I will do what I want,,,, Reno with Kenny….. China with Stella keep paying Wirral “Funny” Biz for eighteen months after “The Chamber Potty” wanted it closed down, her words.

    It would be obvious to a blind man what The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills is doing and why.



    Ps Being stubborn and stupid and keeping your gob shut like “The Shyster” says, her words, will not get you more money.

    Do you give a snotty little shit of a kid like “Phil the Dill” or “The Dunny Chain Wearer” more pocket money…..NO NO NO NO NO NO

    The contract was complicated BLESS…

  7. Mr Griffiths, as I said you are Preaching to the Converted and yes it is Obvious why, who, what is happening, however in some cases to coin
    a title of a song ” It’s not what you do, it is the way that you do it ” that gets you in the mucky waters

  8. Thanks Reps

    “I Did It My Way”

    Now, the end is near
    So I face the final curtain
    My friends, I’ll say it clear
    State my case
    Which I’m certain
    I lived a life that’s full
    And I travelled each, and every highway
    and more
    Much more than this

    I did it my way

    My way reps might not be the right way but it a million times righter than there way.

    They are evil evil barstards.



  9. G’day John

    Regarding the article in the rubbish paper from over “The Football Shits” Stella’s Royal Poo Mersey the other day.

    Merseyside to miss out on €100m EU cash after Supreme Court rejects Liverpool council appeal

    To explain to those of the 66 that couldn’t be bothered reading the 625 pages of Gra Gra’s farce of a meeting of 8 October this is a brief explanation of possibly why they are not getting the dosh they expected and wanted to waste again.

    I won’t even mention “It is not our money” or “The contracts were complicated”.


    From: nigel hobro

    3 January 2015

    Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

    In Autumn 2013 your investigator was sent to Enterprise Solutions
    (NW) Ltd following an investigation by Grant Thornton that reported
    to Wirral Borough Council in March 2013 regarding abuses of the
    Intensive Start Up Scheme ISUS.

    Regardless of the fieldwork being complete by December 2013 the
    report-which is known to me to be written-has not been released

    I request a copy of the report

    Yours faithfully,

    Nigel Hobro

    Link to this

    James Griffiths left an annotation (27 January 2015)

    Please feel free to send answer by TAXI.

    Link to this

    From: nigel hobro

    31 January 2015

    Dear Department for Communities and Local Government,

    You ought to have responded to my FOI by yesterday, 30th January

    I seek an internal review of your non-response. I remind you that
    the Inland revenue are likely to fine nearly a million persons for
    not filling in Tax Returns by midnight tonight . Government
    departments should be under the same stringent rules

    Yours faithfully,

    nigel hobro



  10. Mr Griffiths, do not worry, another High Court Case is about to start, involving the Pretend Friend Streets, over the Stella Waters. ECJ or UN, not good enough, it would appear.

    1. Mr Griffiths, when the man put his spade into my ground, he picked on the Wrong Boundary

  11. G’day John

    Is it just my imagination or does that local rubbish paper stop putting Clowncil propaganda that doesn’t add up at the end of each week in case somebody reads it on the weekend?

    Why is that John? Does the Clowncil KEEP IT GOING like they kept Wirral “Funny” Bizz going for 18 months after “The Chamber Potty” thought it should be closed down and prosecuted?

    Just saw the pink bus on the news and if they don’t listen to an Oxford educated genius like “Highbrow” what chance a woman in Wirral?

    Even a clowncilleress claiming to be ordinary like “Williamson’s Tunnels” dark, evil and spooky with enormous ego and attitude……..but absolutely no say in her male dominated party.



    1. No idea as I don’t work for the newspaper you’re referring to so I don’t know (answers to questions 1 and 2).

      There are loads of laws that state a local council has to put in public notices in at least two newspapers circulating in the local area. Naturally newspapers charge local councils for this, but if there are more than two papers (Wirral News, Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo) then the council can choose which two it puts the public notices in.

      It has been known in the past for a local council to threaten to withdraw such income from a newspaper that it critical of it.

      However moving onto your other point one of the points of these “celebrity visits” to candidates in marginal seats is to generate positive local media coverage for the candidate/party and a chance for them to be quoted saying how terrible they think their opposing candidate/party is.

      If you look at the picture credits they’re to a newswire service, not a local newspaper reporter.

  12. Thanks John

    Have great weekend just a pity you don’t take your super duper camera on the golf courses of Wirral to find out what they really say and mean to do.

    Keep up the marvellous work.



  13. Mr Griffiths, following up on Mr Braces comment. You may have noticed that when the Council was on the Long Road to Improvement, ha, ha, they used the National Papers to Impress, the Awards for Best Actor and Actress are a Similar Thing. That reminds me, that will be up soon. Both the Axis and Allies used a version of this during the Wars. I believe today, they call it “Hearts and Minds”

    1. Sorry, Also if you remember the Comment ” We Have Won the War, Now We Must Win the Peace” said by somebody who thought he was Famous, what a Winner

  14. G’day John

    No news or propaganda of The Clowncil today (someone might catch them out) in the local trash they must be waiting to tell us about the number of awards they will win at the L ocal G olf A wards.

    “Phil the Dill” will obviously be in London to accept them as he is THE HOLE IN ONE.



  15. G’day John

    37 Labour councillors agree Wirral Council’s budget for next year & reject amendment to keep Lyndale School open

    It says it all about these low lives……………………



    It should be them down the dole office

  16. Mr Griffiths, Does it not fill your “Heart with Joy”, to see “Their Version” of Democracy in ACTION, I tell you and you do, the strain is telling though!!!!
    you can see it!!! and No more Laughing either!!! The Chair has become Vacant, although it was immediately filled Err, Erm.

    1. I will just keep laughing and laughing at this bunch of buffoons they are a hopeless joke as a group and singularly for following like sheep.

      It is there families I feel most sorry for.



  17. Mr Griffiths, they have been warned privately, because of their families and now I will warn them Publicly, if I were the people concerned in all matters that have been referred to in this Blog and other Blogs, especially the Lyndale School Kids, I will start individually or as a Group naming names, now, I will give one person a clue ” I have been in Politic’s 40 years “

    1. Reps me old mate

      Why would “Phil the Dill” and “His ugly twin brother with the comb over” and “The Dunny Chain Wearer” get involved in you know what?

      They know no shame have no dignity and definitely have no self respect.

      Their poor families.

      Gra Gra wouldn’t support their shite.

      Put them in their place my man.

      How can the other 30 odd of them support this crap?

      I bet the women amongst them don’t even know what is going on.

      This isn’t even my issue Reprahnehpets but I find it repulsive.



  18. Mr Griffiths, I think you will find that it is an issue for your good self and others who Blog on Mr B’s issues. Our Friend mentioned in the Clue attempted with others to destroy yours and Mr H’s Credibility, not that it has put you off, as Mr B say’s there is more than one way!!! ” The Game is afoot” Watch out Moriarty!!!

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