Posted by: John Brace | 27 April 2016

Advertise on and reach over 36,000 visitors a month from only £60 a month

Advertise on and reach over 36,000 visitors a month from only £60 a month


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  1. G’day John

    Don’t you just luv a good purdah.

    No bullshit about one, two or is it 3 golf courses in west wirral with fairytales of Jack and the beanstalk he can hit a soccer ball 300 yards.

    No Kev and Stella’s fantasies of their Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters with casinos up to the heavens that no one can afford to go in.

    The problem though is they seem to have stopped “The Chamber Potty’s” endless photo shoots so my dunny remains half papered.



    Really look forward to seeing you in court with “The Shyster” and his expensive barrista from London, if not, another stooge from his ill legal department.

    Let me know the date John and we will witness justice being done…..again.

    • The date is the 16th June 2016, time 10 am.

      Location: The Employment Tribunal, 3rd Floor, Civil & Family Court, 35 Vernon Street, Liverpool, L2 2BX

      Although it’s held in a court building, it’s a tribunal (First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights)).

  2. G’day John

    I’ll be there and I am sure “Highbrow” as we are regulars most noticeably with him battering Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    I do hope John “The Shyster” will be there stuttering and mumbling in his shiny arsed suit armed with a cheap plastic biro and expensive barrista in his Saville Row best.

    I suggest to your readers that they turn up to see justice being done and what they are paying for with “The Shyster’s” ill legal department.



    John there will be more court dealings soon for your viewing pleasure unless Ecca “The Blinking CEO” gets his shit together that he is paid for.

    • Let me know of the venue, date and time of any upcoming court/tribunal hearings relevant to the subject of this blog and I’ll do my best to report on them.