All Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority councillors voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations and apply for planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie

All Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority councillors voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations and apply for planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie

All Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority councillors voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations and apply for planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie


Les Spencer of the Saughall Massie Conservation Area Society addresses the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority on why they are opposed to a new fire station in Saughall Massie
Les Spencer of the Saughall Massie Conservation Area Society addresses the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority on why they are opposed to a new fire station in Saughall Massie

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Above is video footage of the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority meeting of the 30th June 2015.

The agenda and reports for this meeting can be found on the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority’s website.

Les Spencer, Chairman of the Saughall Massie Conservation Area Society spoke for five minutes at the meeting detailing why they disagreed with the plan to build a new fire station in Saughall Massie.

He said, “My name’s Les Spencer and I’m the chairman of the Saughall Massie Village Conservation Area Society and I’m communicating the majority view of the householders and members who are opposing the plan you can see here today, namely to build a new fire station on green belt land adjacent to our Conservation Area and directly opposite a listed grade II historic stone bridge.

Time does not permit me to present the full extent of our opposition, but we hope you will appreciate the argument is not as black and white as the Chief Fire Officer has been suggesting. At this moment I am unable to fully illustrate the impact of loss of amenity, use, breach of green belt policy, habitat loss, public nuisance to adjacent sheltered housing and a projected drop in nearby property values estimated at ten percent, I have prioritised other concerns.

The Chief Fire Officer has repeatedly stressed that there is no alternative operational response, no plan B. The intention to build in this location has been presented as a matter of dire public safety for residents impacted by the closure of the West Kirby station.

I hesitate to describe his tone as scaremongering but that’s how it seemed at times. As the Committee should be aware the West Kirby/Hoylake/Meols area has had no cover from the West Kirby station for half of the last two years as it has been operationally closed for half of every week with call-outs covered from Upton. Presumably a risk assessment was conducted by the Fire Authority and it was felt that closure for approximately 180 days a year didn’t unacceptably compromise residential safety in the West Kirby area. Indeed we believe that call-out response times of ten minutes from Upton to the area concerned is broadly comparable to national averages and to many other parts of Merseyside.

Why is it currently acceptable to provide fire and emergency cover from Upton, but apparently of such critical importance to do it from a proposed Saughall Massie green belt site in the future?

If it is felt that response times from Upton to West Kirby need shortening, then why doesn’t the Fire Authority use one smaller targeted response vehicle to complement the larger appliances on a consolidated improved site at Upton? This would cost a lot less than the £4.2 million anticipated for the Saughall Massie station.

Like the ambulance services these vehicles can be on standby, on the road awaiting call outs and updates from Upton. Why is it that Merseyside, which is one of the largest UK fire authorities still sends out fully manned larger appliances to minor call outs? Is there internal union resistance to more flexible operational responses? Is this reliant upon large appliances dictating operational restructure in this case.

It is clear that Merseyside Fire Authority have set a precedent that cover from West Kirby can be safely provided from Upton, so there is despite what the Chief Fire Officer says an option B and that’s closing West Kirby and redeveloping Upton.

There’s also a plan C and that’s to employ a smaller targeted response vehicle to supplement cover from Upton. This development completely hinges upon getting permission to build on green belt land. Emergency services can seek planning permission on green belt land if they can prove very special circumstances and only where there are no alternatives. We contend that there is a workable alternative and that is based on the redevelopment of Upton but for whatever reason this hasn’t been fully publically debated.

There are also financial aspects of this development that seem to compromise public perceptions of transparency and suggest conflicts of interest in the planning process. There is clearly a conflict of interest that the sellers of the Saughall Massie land are Wirral Council whose officers will adjudicate approval of any planning application and also whether very special circumstances are actually present.

The land is currently worthless but with planning will be much more valuable. What price and terms have been agreed for the Fire Authority to acquire this land? Who will actually pay for it Merseyside Fire Authority or via grant from central government? How much capital inflow does the Authority expect from the sales of West Kirby and Upton?

Forgive us for being cynical but would the drivers for this development be mostly financial and the perceived safety needs of West Kirby residents a convenience to justify the development? The Fire Authority stands to gain the resale revenue of Upton and West Kirby and Wirral Council might be receiving a commercial price for an otherwise worthless piece of land.

From a cashflow position that seems like a win for everyone other than the local residents. Furthermore we gather this scheme in principle has been approved by central government through a £1.49 million DCLG grant, but might that be predicated upon an exaggeration of the dangers of longer response times to West Kirby? Do the grant providers know that an adequate service is already being provided from Upton for 50% of each week and that redevelopment of Upton would cost the public purse a fraction of the £4.2 million total cost of a new Saughall Massie station.

Our feeling is that very special circumstances might be being inflated to circumvent green belt protection and to achieve financial restructuring benefits and access to central government grants. It looks as though special circumstances are further being boosted by attempts to involve Merseyside Police and the North West Ambulance Service as subsidiary tenants. However neither party has shown any expression of interest so I hope they will be excluded from the planning consideration.

Much is said about the health and safety benefits to West Kirby by moving to Saughall Massie but what of the lengthening response times from Upton, the primary dangers are to Arrowe Park Hospital.”

At this point Councillor Leslie T Byrom (who is Vice-Chair and was chairing the meeting as the Chair was absent) pointed out that Les Spencer had used up his five minutes. Councillor Lesley Rennie asked for more time but Councillor Byrom refused to any extra time for Les Spencer.

The Vice-Chair then asked if there was anyone with a contrary view to what had been said?

Tommy Hughes, Vice-Chair Merseyside Fire Brigades Union speaking at the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority meeting on the 30th June 2015
Tommy Hughes, Vice-Chair Merseyside Fire Brigades Union speaking at the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority meeting on the 30th June 2015

Tommy Hughes, Vice Chair of Merseyside Fire Brigades Union indicated he wished to speak. He apologised for Mark Rowe as Mark Rowe couldn’t make it as he was in a committee meeting but said that the comments he was about to make reflected the viewpoint of Merseyside Fire Brigades Union.

Mr Hughes said, “The Fire Brigades Union I’d first of all like to state always supports local communities when we come together to fit unnecessary and damaging cuts to essential services. Yet we do in this instance agree with the Chief Fire Officer and with the Fire Authority that fire stations staffed with firefighters twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is the most effective way to immediately deploy firefighters into their communities to save and preserve life.

We also agree that fire engines staffed with five firefighters is the safest and most efficient way to deal with the multitude of different rescue scenarios that firefighters can face every day of their working lives. Therefore the FBU are committed to defend whole time fire cover in Merseyside and also to fight to protect safe and effective crewing levels.

On a purely professional level and as firefighters, we are fundamentally opposed to the use of small fire units or target response vehicles. Their very name gives an insight to the limitations of these vehicles. They can only safely and effectively deal with small fires. What they do is they divert valuable funding away from maintaining fully staffed and crucially fully equipped fire appliances.

Firefighters clearly need the correct tools for the job to carry out effective rescues, wherever and whenever that may need to be the case. Sending firefighters to emergency incidents in transit vans or in cars severely limits what we’re able to do when we arrive at those incidents. I’m sure that you want to debate that it is no cliché that in these situations every second really does count. Every firefighter on every station in the country would echo those views.

I’d also like to say it’s not your firefighters, it’s not the Chief Fire Officer and it’s not the Authority who have caused this situation to arise. It’s the government who have forced this situation, it’s the government who have forced this situation on the fire service and on the communities of Greasby and Saughall Massie.

In light of recent events in Europe and North Africa and the potential for terrorist attacks in the UK, these cuts I’m sure you’d agree look even more dangerous. That’s why the Fire Brigades Union are committed to fighting these cuts both locally and nationally although we do fear there is yet worse to come. Thanks Chair. ”

In a later part of the meeting councillors (see picture below) voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service will now apply to Wirral Council for planning permission for a new fire station on the Saughall Massie site.

Councillors on Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority (30th June 2015) voting in favour of closure of Upton and West Kirby fire stations and asking Wirral Council for the land and planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie
Councillors on Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority (30th June 2015) voting in favour of closure of Upton and West Kirby fire stations and asking Wirral Council for the land and planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie

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36 thoughts on “All Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority councillors voted to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations and apply for planning permission for a new fire station in Saughall Massie”

  1. Well, I for one do not blame the Councillors for waving this one through. Who can blame them. If I were in their shoes and I had Dan sat there glaring at me throughout the proceedings I’d have done the same thing. In fact, if they’d tabled a motion demanding that Dan be given authority to set fire to any home occupied by an objector I’d have gone further, got down on my knees, thanked Dan and begged him not to beat the living day lights out of me.
    I mean, look at him. Look at Dan. This is one seriously equipped guy who’s body, it’s build and shape clearly says, ‘I’m more than capable of beating your body to a pulp, turning you into a vegetable for the remainder of your days and with one single blow I’m capable of shattering your body into a thousand pieces.
    The mans a huge and vast gathering of muscle and its of no surprise to me that he’s managed to quickly climb the promotion ladder. Let’s face it, would you tell Dan, ‘sorry, we are not promoting you. Try again next year’? Course you wouldn’t. You’d be an odd sort of fish if you did.
    My only concern is the rapid change in evolution nowadays that sees incredible specimens like Dan develop in the way they do and the dreadful change in the bodies of good folk like me who’s rapidly expanding waist lines mean that it’s been years since we’ve ever been able to see our own testicles.
    In short, life ain’t fair and albeit that this entire enterprise is a huge waste of public funding, the truth is, once these people decide to build in order to protect themselves and their empire, there’s bugger all that anyone can do to halt the slide. That reality, and that of a colossus of a man called Dan who scares the loving light of Jesus out of me, will ensure that the outcome of this fudge of a consultation process, goes the way of what Dan decided upon many months ago over a pint of ale with a friendly Councillor.

    1. Good Morning Bobby, Perhaps it is another “Table Top Exercise” But from where I am sitting it looks real to me. In it to Win it, that is what they say, whilst others consider other things or is that they wish to get shut of the Bats. Disposing of the Bats, that is probably what is or a Conspiracy to get their own way. Who Knows, who Cares? Save those Bats, that is what I say!!!!!!!!!!

  2. G’day john

    Sorry to drag this forward but where was Gra Gra that night?

    Was he with Demigog at the house they rented for the Open, I am talking of Open golf John not open thy legs Demi.

    Was he refusing to sign those cheques at Hooligans Bar?

    Was he sitting on his Stairway to Hell refusing to go to the meeting?

    Was he sitting on his new girlf….er I mean dunny?

    What I really love John is all the public thanks and appreciation he received.


    No I don’t John what I really love is the way he RETIRED and took another high paying job.

    So here it is again “Highbrows” FOI of today

    G’day John

    Me thinks “Highbrow” smells another rat.

    His FOI today

    From: nigel hobro

    30 June 2015

    Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

    I believe that the chief Executives engagements are and were listed
    on outlook within Exchange Server and that the back-up procedures
    of the council are sufficient to recall the diary for the 7th October 2014.

    I request to be apprised of Mr Burgess’s diary for that day.

    A meeting of the Audit and risk committee was cancelled on that day,albeit it had been fixed three months before at an abortive meeting in July. The public attendees at the july meeting were left with no meeting after it broke up within half an hour; subsequently having diarised the 7th October potential attendees were disappointed by the former chief executive cancelling the meeting at 6:15 pm on the grounds he had an important meeting to attend.

    The press were wrong footed by this as were many potential

    Therefore I wish to see what important meeting alternatively Mr
    Burgess was to attend on the 7th October and indeed confirm that he
    did attend such a meeting

    Yours faithfully,

    nigel hobro

    Oh Johnny boy how in a decent world do they think they can just hide a theft of about £2,000,000.00?

    These people are trusted as public servants and Nigel Hobro, James Griffiths, Beverley Edwards, Dave Garry, Grant Thornton, DCLG and a lot of senior council officers and many councillors can prove that they are not at all trustworthy.

    Plus I think they stink.



    Ps Bobby come and help me words escape me when it comes to the dross and sewage at Wirral.

    Pps Trust you are well John.

  3. G’day John

    I was going to stop writing but now I have 5 thumbs down I am forced to continue.

    They can’t be councillors or there would be 66 idiots thumbing down.

    It could be “The Shyster” “The Football Shirt” “The Chamber Potty” “Humpty Dumpty” and the “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” ha ha he didn’t get the job again.



    Oh I am so popular!!!!!!!

  4. So they are voting to close upton etc before they have permission to build on the other site! and if they don’t get it, they are truely screwed, and once more i bring up the subject of bats on the land at Saughall Massie, if they are there you can’t build on it!

  5. G’day Thumbdowners

    Sunday is four years to the day that Adderley lied to me in front of the aghast Basnett.

    She knew he was lying.

    She knew more than me how bad Wirral “Funny” Bizz were.

    She had seen the A4E audit reports from previous years.

    After lying to me, and I knew he was at the time, they continued to pay/overpay the criminals for a further 18 MONTHS.

    She keeps her gob shut under orders…her words, go ask her.



    Adderley is a liar—-Adderley is a liar—- Adderley is a liar

  6. G’day John

    Just getting back to Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting of 8 October into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods were the Raving Lunatic from the Tories did a u-turn like the exorcist and there was shenanigans about when the meeting was.

    It was noticeable that “Phil the Dill” was absent?

    Very noticeable Stuart Kelly’s absence.

    A bit like the Public Improvement Board Farce when Martin Morton got up “Phil the Dill” and “The Football shirt” ran off and hid.

    At Gra Gra’s though “The Football Shit” couldn’t run off and hide behind “The Shyster” so what did he do?

    He stood there and lied with his mate “Humpty Dumpty”.



    Come on Thumb Downers’ get your mates to join you if you have any who aren’t in the gang and that believe Adderley is not a liar..

    I have started to Thumbs Down myself to elevate my profile.

  7. G’day John

    I trust you are well and unlike me you are busy with work.

    The special meetings at the end of the month?

    Is that to tell them all to keep their gobs shut about the annual junket and get the duty free orders?

    Sunday is the fourth anniversary of The Kevin Adderley is a Liar Day.



    Ps Thumbs Downers don’t forget me.

  8. G’day John

    Four Year Anniversary this Sunday since Adderley sat their stinking like an ashtray and lying to me.

    Telling me about his brilliant career in audit and how the Big Committee was the magnificent cream of local commerce gazing up at his ridiculous football shirt with his name on the back LIAR.

    How no Big recipient had gone Kapput.

    Six out of six Big recipients Grant Thornton looked at had issues..I bet the other 35 or so never see the light of day because I bet their are familiar names and most just as dodgy as Lockwood.

    Might celebrate the four year anniversary at The Spotty Blue Teapot.

    Basnett who’s picture was in the local rubbish propaganda sheet this week with Adderleys hand up her back sat aghast knowing Wirral “Funny” Bizz were a pack of criminals.

    The caption with “The Chamber potty” didn’t name him just called him a judge….yes he thinks he is above the law, supported by the gang and the rest of the useless councillors who also seem to think they are above the law.

    I bet he gets a good LIE in on Sunday……..if anyone questions him.

    Oh Kevin Kevin Kevin……

    I saw the light on the night that I passed by her (Stella) window
    I saw the flickering shadows of love on her (Stella) blind
    She was my woman (Stella)
    As she (Stella) deceived me I watched and went out of my mind

    My my my Adderley
    Why why why Adderley
    I could see, that girl (Stella)was no good for me
    But I was lost like a slave that no man could free

    Fess up now kev, history will not change anything, Lockwood was Kapput.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz did commit an approx £2,000,000.00 fraud.

    Basnett was told to keep her gob shut……her words.



    Ps Bobby any chance of your opinion of the fantasist Addled on his four year anniversary.

  9. C’mon Thumbs Downers

    Don’t pretend that you didn’t read that Addled Adderley is a liar.

    Liar liar pants on fire.

    The European Auditors will, errrrr maybe, speak up, then you will all run away and deny knowing him.

    You have obviously been told not to have anything to do with MY COMMENTS on this site.

    Think for yourself muppets there will be no self respect achieved in being obedient little peanuts. Oh grandkids I did what “Ankles” told me.

    Aren’t you proud?

    They tell me it is the first thing “The Pretend Friend” looks at when he wakes up in his office.

    They tell me “Ankles” looks with rage that he doesn’t get paid as much even though he is a bigger liar.

    As for “Phil the Dill” oh…… he’s “Phil the Dill”.

    And as for “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” he’s too busy combing.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” is too busy applying for the job when they move Ecca on for not saying anything at all in a month or two.

    “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” wwwwhhhheeerrrreee are YOU?



    All Thumbs Downers are…………………….stupid people who can’t say what they think, because, they are too stupid and obedient little pumpkins.

  10. G’day John


    John I met this poor, sad, delusional, fantasist four years ago today along with his littler obedient helper cringing at his lies and bullshit about his brilliant career in audit.

    Kevin sorry mate your brilliant Big Panel really stuffed up and put you in a dreadful Lockwood err.. I mean headlock.

    The six out of six files that you let Grant Thornton look at all had issues.

    Was it you Kev that got Dave Garry to right a croc of shit of a report and then arrange his pay off?

    No wonder your lot wouldn’t let Grant Thornton interview staff or show them the other 30 or so files.

    Stella Stella Stella, Kev you are deluded and as Private Eye suggest a fantasist.

    Would just love to see you defend your shit in front of a judge.



    Have a great day

    Thumbs Downers have a Stella for Kevin today and get on here and defend him and her.

    Is Stella his favourite or is his obedient, I won’t say boo “Chamber Potty”.

    Proud proud families all three of them.

  11. G’day John

    It is not so much that he lied to me.

    I am used to people stinking like an ashtray lying to me.

    It is a bit more the fact that he has got the council to defend these lies spending approx £250,000.00 to defend these, can and have been proven, untruths.

    It is unbelievable that the senior officers and chief executive and 65 councillors have allowed him to do this without question.

    They have paid off the chief internal auditor, with taxpayer money after fabricating a croc of shit in a report about Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    If it is, and it was, a croc of shit like suggested he should have been sacked.

    In the real world people get sacked for cheating and lying.



    Kev…meeting Stella in Portugal at the Raworths?

  12. So John

    What do you do if you don’t want to let Europe know you can’t use money wisely and protect it from halfwits getting their grubby fingers on it and blowing it on gnashers and cheap scotch in Portugal?

    You lie, you pay people off that have been told to cheat with ridiculous reports and you stand up in public and say the contract was too complicated and it wasn’t our money anyway.

    You couldn’t make this shit up John and it it seems it is business as usual for Wirral

    66 councillors now defending your money my arse.

    God save the Northern Powerhouse.



  13. One more time and I am off John

    My my my Adderley
    Why why why Adderley
    I could see, that girl (Stella)was no good for me
    But I was lost like a slave that no man could free



  14. I’m back

    Lovely drop of rain John.

    I can understand the decent few of them want to do the right thing and get some of our money back from Europe (It is our money Kev).

    Not one of the council officers or 66 councilors have been open, honest and transparent with us in the last four years.

    Obviously at the advice of “The Shyster” and???????.

    And at a cost of about £250,000.00.

    Who’s side is he on?????



    They should think for themselves John.

  15. G’day John

    My last missive on this auspicious 4th Anniversary of meeting Kev the delusional, fantasist stinky ashtray of a Super Director Dick.

    Come on Kev take me to court for everything I have since I met you four years ago today and have just poured **** on you and have absolutely no respect or regard for you after two minutes of meeting you because you are obnoxious and toxic dishonest and spooky.

    I have absolutely nothing left after four years on the dole since meeting you..

    I am totally done thanks to you and yours.


    Basnett is told to keep her gob shut……so she does…..her words.

    A decent auditor Bev writes a report that is hidden to this day.

    You can lie to me and then an auditor Dave Garry can write a rubbish report and get paid off handsomely when caught out. £30,000.00 plus later.

    An independent investigation is done by an independent auditor (who just happens to be the council auditors) for £50,000.00 plus which is ignored.

    DCLG write a report over a year ago and is still hidden.

    Come on Kev you will tell me all this **** is of national importance next and Stella is the key. Stella Stella Stella Stella Stella

    As I said Kev i have nothing left after four years on the dole but I wouldn’t swap it for you, you deluded overpaid *****.



    You 66 clowncillors are not there for the good of anyone but yourselves.

    I saw a car sticker yesterday that said…. To Be Silent Is Not Strong.

    You useless ********.

    God Bless Stuart Kelly the only man at Wirral that showed backbone.

    You should all be ashamed it doesn’t matter about me.

    Can you imagine an important issue?

  16. G’day John

    Stay safe tonight at meeting.

    There will be a full house I suppose.

    Make sure none of the Secretiveness, Dis-Honesty and Opacity does not rub off on you.

    It will be there in spades.



    Give us a shout if you find anyone who has a tin err I mean a conscience?

    Keep up the great work.

    If you see Addled tell him history hasn’t changed anything he is still a liar.

  17. G’day John

    Not one person supporting “Addled”.

    Says it all John.



    Not even the Thumbs Downers.

    Have they been scolded by “Ankles”?

  18. G’day John

    This lot make the sheriff of nottingham look like a good guy.

    Good Morning

    Thank you for your email.

    As you have asked new questions regarding recruitment to the Audit and
    Risk Management Committee, rather than expressing dissatisfaction with the
    Council’s response to your enquiry regarding the establishment of the
    auditor panel as defined in section 9 of the Local Audit and
    Accountability Act 2014, your email is being processed as a new request
    under the Freedom of Information Act rather than as an internal review.

    Your request has been passed to the relevant Council department and a
    response will be issued within the statutory timeframe.

    Kind regards,

    They just don’t answer questions if they are caught out.

    Any idiots can just throw money at hopeless causes.

    It beggars belief that there is absolutely no accountability for anything.

    Where is their junket this year?

    And as for “Phil the Dill” having talks about having talks this imbecile must be the love child of that “Raving Loony” in the Tory Party who has forty years of early onset dementia.



    Ps How dare you John ask them a question that might put them off the plan to pay all those Wirral gate cheques.

    Has Ecca said boo to a goose yet???? Not Demigog you cheeky monkey.

    “Ankles” is quiet has she got him on a final warning?

  19. The mans a scrounger James. A rotter, a stinker and someone who’s ears are affixed far to close to his skull for my liking.
    If this fella is disliked by you, then he’s disliked by me and I’ll fight any man who says I’m irrational and in need of medication.
    Tother day, I was minding me own business fishing for Barbel on the River Wye, employing a Shimano Vengeance rod, a three ounce quiver tip and employing the use of a small rancid halibut pellet cast over a bed of sweet corn, when all of a sudden Adderley comes staggering out of the undergrowth begging, ‘can I have a handful of mixed maggots’.
    Course, having disturbed me pondering how the Barbel actually thinks and how do I get the bastard to bite my lure, I quickly turned round, howled, ‘clear off Adderley you scrounging bastard, I’m fishing for Barbel and I don’t appreciate you disturbing my ‘swim’. Furthermore, I told him, ‘go purchase your own maggots you scrounging rotter, you’ll get no aid from me. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever’.
    The bloody scrounger!

  20. And another thing, whilst I’m all fired up, angst ridden and my fat face is glowing red because my eczema has bloody flared up again. If ever this liar Dick Adderley ever knocks on my door begging me to help him jump start his bloody car because his bloody battery is flat and it’s obviously clear to any reasonable person that he’s paid no care and attention to the maintainance of the said battery and failed to top up the cells with distilled water, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.
    I’ll tell him, ‘if you think I’m setting foot outside, pushing you and your bloody car up and down this bloody hill, you’ve got another thing coming’. What’smore, I’ll tell him, ‘don’t come knocking on this door. Ever! Even if you’ve won the lottery and you want to share the happy news with me. Don’t come knocking. Don’t ever come knocking on this door. If, by some strange chance your passing my hovel of a dwelling and you smell what can only be my rotting flesh and I’m stone cold dead on the bloody cats mat next to my front door and you’re desperate to learn that I’ve passed over, don’t come knocking on my door’.
    And why do I feel so strongly about this unlikely encounter outside the door of my abode? Because he’s hurt the feelings if my friend James Griffiths.

  21. Bobby

    I luv you so much.

    By the same token Bobby if you witness a crime of about £2,000,000.00 don’t whatever you do report it to senior officers at the Wirral clowncil or the 66 useless parasites that call themselves clowncillors.

    Definitely whatever you do listen to one word “The Shyster” says he is vile to the point of…………

    Not one of those individuals can be trusted Bobby they really are the scum of the earth who should be ignored by everyone including the families that they have let down so badly.

    It can only be a matter of time till they let their loved one’s down if they haven’t already.

    Hey kids I know a secret of how Wirral “Funny” Bizz stole £2,000.000.00 but if I tell anyone we will look like the dunces in the Northern Powerhouse err I mean Shithouse.

    And Bobby I bet you thought that the new dunny in Wallasey was for Gra Gra’s fat arse?

    It wasn’t Bobby it is the new Northern Shithouse Wirral Branch attached to the Stairway to Hell.

    That is all the money I would give them Bob I would not give them one more halfpenny they are bungling incompetent delude fantasists.

    I bet Bobby they all cheat at golf as well, not to mention their long sufferings.

    Bobby me old china plate what do you reckon is going on with Ecca?

    You know “Spotty Dog” the new child chief executive?

    Do you think they have locked him in the Northern Shithouse shithouse with a chequebook and won’t let him out until he signs all the Wirralgate cheques?

    If he is found in a few months unalive in the dunny will any of them speak up

    They will all keep schtum because that is exactly who this scum is.

    Working for the people my arse.



    Ps Write again soon Bobby i luv you and your work.

    Who my man ever thought that Wirral could be this evil I am totally ashamed of being born on a peninsular that was nice. No wonder Paul O’Grady lives darn South.

  22. G’day John

    Just loving your conspiracy of silence.

    Did it rub off on you?

    Next thing you will start being like them





    Even their local rubbish propaganda sheet is opaque

    Wirral councillors unanimously approve transfer of assets from Beechwod Housing Association to Liverpool trust

    Not one comment not one comment not one comment

    They think they can just say or not say what they want and because they are a “Shyster” or “Senior Officer” with a council anything goes legal or not because they have signed up.



  23. G’day John

    Pat Cleary might need to look out I was told he was a good bloke.

    They don’t like good blokes hanging around like Stuart Kelly.

    The local rubbish propaganda sheet still has no comments on selling out the estates.

    I also see

    Banks charge Wirral taxpayers £8m interest a year to service council borrowing

    As soon as I saw Despatches I knew Wirral would be into it.

    Also noted in the propaganda sheet there is no comment from “Phil the Dill” or anyone else as they just don’t understand it.

    The are hopeless incompetents who just want to get money and throw it around, particularly themselves.

    To show absolute incompetence reread the Grant Thornton Reports on Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    People don’t really like or respect them they just pretend so they can get their grubby little fingers in the pie.

    Raworth and Turnbull at Wirral “Funny” Bizz just sneered at them and said how ridiculously easy it was to pull the wool over their eyes.



    I went to adderley and Basnett and £250,000.00 they look even more ridiculous.

    Where is that junket this year John?

  24. G’day John

    So it wasn’t unanimous but don’t forget when any clowncil senior officer or clowncillor lies it is not a lie.



    They are so sad.

  25. G’day John

    I bet you the financial advisor and the banker that got them the LOBO loans was on that incredible Big Panel that gave out the dodgy loans via that unqualified peanut Davies at Wirral “Funny” Bizz that the addled and deluded Adderley raved about to me four years ago under his childish, juvenile football shit err shirt.




  26. G’day John

    “Phil the Dill” now has the excuse he has been looking for for why the consortium are not going ahead with the best golf resort in the world.

    Lightning strikes Hoylake: ‘Scorched earth’ pictures show aftermath at Royal Liverpool golf club.

    Ah well Stella might build a crazy crazy golf course on Stella’s Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    Addled thinks he walks on water.



  27. G’day John

    So the £2,000.000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz fraud plus the £200,000.00 at least to defend it isn’t that much on the scale of things but it is the sheer and absolute ignorance, arrogance and incompetence involved just means they are hopeless and there must be much bigger scandals.

    It is about to crumble I would resign if I were you and get one of those packages.

    Ahhh it’s too late you greedy swine.



    Go straight to jail.

  28. G’day John

    Banks charge Wirral taxpayers £8m interest a year to service council borrowing

    Go on you parasitic, evil, barstards close Lyndale School.

    You really are lowere than “Ankles”.



    They were never fit for purpose John.

    Time for a decent Administration.

    Northern Shithouse

  29. G’day John

    Finally it looks like history is coming to shit on them as it always does.

    Poor ol “Phil the Dill” and his LOBO tomy Loans oh Frank Frank what shall we say?

    I know lets talk about Wirralgate into a stalemate and then LOBO tomy’s will fade away and then we can talk about Wirralgate some more.



    Watch Uncle Joe shit all over them next week.

  30. G’day John

    “Crabapple” Chair of the Fudgit and Risk It Committee. ha ha ha ha

    That as much as anything sums up WIRRAL.

    No wonder they won’t answer your FOI about the audit panel.

    Did he qualify for the job because he had the lowest IQ including the asleep “Pretend Friend”?

    If you look at the other members that I have seen sitting on that committee with their bulbous purple heads and fat guts like “Ankles” Clowncillor Doughnut” and the “Abbott” he might have got the job because he can pile them all in “HIS BUS” and get them to the pub on time for kick off.



    Come on Thumbs Downers you know you laugh at me. Luv ya.

  31. G’day John

    You couldn’t make this shit up even if you were Roald Dahl.

    Plans for Wirral’s multi-million pound Jack Nicklaus ‘golf resort’ revealed

    When the proposals were re-launched it was also revealed the project could be worth £30m-£40m a year for the local economy and at the launch in 2012 Wirral’s director of regeneration Kevin Adderley said value of the scheme could range from £40m-£70m, but is “only limited by the successful bidder’s aspirations”.

    All I can say to “The Football Shit” on this is


    You didn’t even know the were fucked

    Or did you lie?

    Dream on fools.



    Ps I bet Jack hasn’t even heard of it.

    1. Mr Griffiths, I would say that if Jack has heard who is in Charge of this pile of DUNG and has not done some Serious ” DUE DILIGENCE ” or Obtained some Serious Graft off Adderley then whoever it is, is Seriously Done for!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ps Mr G, It is not just SH1T, it is a CROC of it, Deluded and trying to keep his job. Produce STELLA and her little Roving Band of Actors

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