Cabinet agrees new 5 year plan for Wirral and makes pledges on increasing tourism jobs and house building

Cabinet agrees new 5 year plan for Wirral and makes pledges on increasing tourism jobs and house building

Cabinet agrees new 5 year plan for Wirral and makes pledges on increasing tourism jobs and house building


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Councillor George Davies pledged to build and improve 7,000 houses by 2020 as part of Cabinet's new 5 year plan
Councillor George Davies pledged to build and improve 7,000 houses by 2020 as part of Cabinet’s new 5 year plan

Wirral Council’s Cabinet have agreed a new five year plan. No longer called the Corporate Plan, the new name for it is Wirral Council Plan: A 2020 Vision.

In introducing the new plan Cllr Phil Davies commented, “but I now think we are broadly akin to a normal council but I think the challenge now is for us to move to become an outstanding council”.

On the plan’s targets he said “this is not just warm words, this is specific targets and commitments that we can measure ourselves against” and “we need to recognise that the Tory government is in power for another five years, I wish that were different but that’s the reality, but we can’t use that as an excuse to do nothing. I think we’ve got a duty to our constituents, our residents to use the resources we’ve got to deliver these priorities”.

So what are the priorities in the new 2020 Vision? They are:

  • Ensure every child has the best possible start in life;
  • Equip all our residents with the skills to enable them to secure quality jobs;
  • Create economic opportunities by attracting enterprise and investment;
  • Treat everybody with respect and dignity in older age;
  • Strive to close the gap in health inequalities and
  • Look after our environment for future generations to enjoy.

Following Cllr Phil Davies’ introduction, each Cabinet Member gave examples from their own Cabinet portfolio of what would improve.

Cllr George Davies (Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Engagement) said, “everybody no matter who they are deserves a good quality home that’s warm, secure and fit for all residents”. He went on to promise more care homes and supported living accommodation which he described as “vital” for an ageing population. Cllr George Davies pledged that by 2020 they would “build and improve 7,000 houses”.

Cabinet Member for the Economy Pat Hackett referred to £250 million of private sector investment over the next five years and highlighted a number of projects including Wirral Waters and a new golf resort at Hoylake.

Cllr Adrian Jones (Support Services) remarked, “We’ve emerged from a terrible period similar to the Dark Ages and in only three years we’ve changed it from perhaps what was widely perceived as a basket case to a Council (a large part of the credit goes not to politicians but to officers who are sitting here at the back of the room) because they’ve driven it from being the Council that’s absolutely the lowest ever Council of the year to a shining example to be looked on in other parts of the country to be learned from and emulated.”

The Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health (Cllr Chris Jones) described the plan as “fantastic” and welcomed the announcement by Cllr George Davies to build more care homes and supported accommodation.

Other Cabinet Members also welcomed the plan in their areas of transport, education and the environment.

As Councillor Chris Meaden (Cabinet Member for Leisure Sport and Culture) wasn’t present, Cllr Phil Davies highlighted their aspirations to increase the tourism sector on the Wirral and commented on the economic benefit to the Wirral of both the Open Golf tournament in 2014 and the more recent Three Queens event.

Cabinet agreed to recommend the new plan to a meeting of all Wirral Council councillors who will meet on Monday 13th July.

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Author: John Brace

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11 thoughts on “Cabinet agrees new 5 year plan for Wirral and makes pledges on increasing tourism jobs and house building”

  1. There’s a load off. This’ll make all the difference. Gone is the header, The Corporate Plan’ and in its place, and quite bloody rightly is the new one, ‘Wirral Council Plan. A 2020 Vision’. I know which one I prefer. You’d be a fool not to recognise that the latter is a huge improvement upon the first one.
    Whilst the first one was adequate, this latest slither of glad bloody tidings that happily has incorporated the bloody word ‘Vision’ fills me with an unquenchable desire to grab my butterfly net and go hurtling through the field kicking the tops of bloody daisies howling, ‘hallelujah. Lord be praised. I couldn’t be happier’.
    Bugger me with my Granny’s broom handle! And not only have they implied that this plan is visionary, to make my fat mouth salivate with undiluted joy, they’ve slipped in 2020, which I’m guessing means that this bloody vision is all embracing and is likely to continue until New Years rotten Eve at the turn of the next miserable, bereft of hope, fiscally knackered decade.
    It’s really all about words, the use of them and the way in which they’re employed. It’s all a bucket of sludge. That’s all it is. It’s very hard to improve upon the ‘Wirral Council. A 2020 Vision’, other than considering slipping in some heavenly reference like, ‘From God’, just after Vision. In fact, thinking more about it, excluding God from the chaos, the deluded thinking and the mantra, ‘borrowing money is good for the ratepayers, is, for the sake of Christians throughout the Wirral, a very good thing.
    Course, I’ve no problem with words. Words are wonderful. I love words and there’s nobody out there that’s taken as many vowels and consonants, put them together in a sequence and shovelled them out to produce so much shit and complete bollocks as me the Duke of Dross. But, that’s me. I’m not important. This is a publicly funded Local Authority doing exactly the same as me. Shovelling out undiluted shit in order to make you think, ‘we’re in safe hands here. Wirral Council. A 2020 Vision. You can’t beat that’.
    And worse, they’re not that good at it. At least, at the very least, if you’re going to get down in the gutter and serve me up some tasty shit, then make it interesting. Give it a point. Throw in an amusing anecdote that makes you chuckle and says, ‘take that you stupid twat’.
    Rubbish? Of course it is, but I’ll bet my neighbours right testicle that they’ve spent hours, possibly days slavishly putting together this grand title of Wirral Council. A 2020 Vision!

  2. G’day John

    Is that part of the 5 year plan?

    The before and after picture above.

    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell’s” new coiffured noggin five years on.

    I have news for him John.

    He should be scalped and long gone by then along with”Phil (I’ll hide the Reports for as long as I want) the Dill” “Ankles” and there puppet master.

    If they can’t manage Wirral “Funny” Bizz how the hell could they build a golf course.

    Oh I know they will get “Crabapple” to get the kids to help.



    Bet John it will be like the “Football Shirts” new stadium in Kirkby.

  3. G’day John

    I apologise Jack apparently does know about Wirral.

    He lost here as well.

    He will laugh all the way to the Open this year because he will win on this one if it goes ahead.

    Are you going to pay him with the next cheque after Wirralgate?

    A project like this, and Stella’s of course, will have every accounting transaction published for the world to see.

    The projects these scumbags cheat on are the small £1,000,000.00, £2,000,000.00 and £3,000,000.00 and so on, small fish on a scale of things.

    They run rings around auditors mishing and mashing the money around their useless systems.

    I have worked for the Audit Commission on Merseyside and elsewhere.

    So “Phil the Dill” I can’t wait for Adderley to read the contracts if he didn’t understand Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Hey “Dill” are these contracts going to be signed you useless good for nothing except hiding reports in a dishonest, covert and opaque manner.



    Most improved council in Britain…..

    after you scum are removed.

  4. Mr Griffiths, Do you not consider this to be THEFT? FRAUD and FALSE? ACCOUNTING?. Unfortunately Contracts are not signed for obvious reasons, all the Parties can say we never agreed to that and where is the Contract to back up what is said? and signed too. Unfortunately for these Clowns, having committed One Crime and again and again and again, they cannot stop, the system will not let them, that is of Course if this system is not Overridden, hey Coleman, etc and Good Payouts and Gagging Orders will not save him or the rest involved

    Further I do hope they’re not going to build on the old horses field, if they do that, that will have to be without contracts, but with plenty of Snorkels for the Winter.Dark Ages, Basket Cases, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. That little glitch with Bank Accounts, leisure must have been when the Council was applying for a Big Wolf/Dog Loan?

  5. G’day John

    This was in that rubbish paper from over Stella and Kevin’s Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    Senior Liverpool Morrisons worker faces fraud trial

    I know nothing about this John but I bet you it is nowhere near the size of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz fraud.

    Bring in the administration.



  6. G’day John

    So I finally get it….. it is a five year plan to get Wirral “Funny” Bizz dealt with.

    We are now in year five.

    Just a few clues Ecca on what they did.

    Charged the clowncil £100.00 plus for interviews they didn’t do, by the hundreds, they forged signatures on bogus interviews, they got young unqualified receptionists to do these face to face interviews over the phone in five minutes, unqualified people, gave Big monies in big lumps to people that didn’t qualify.

    Ecca your muppets at Invest (In Thyself) Wirral under the leadership of what may as well have been his “Football Shirt” should have just given them a blank signed cheque ala Wirralgate.

    Oh they did!

    Ecca, have you handed in your notice already, or, did you do what Gra GRa wouldn’t?



    Ecca these bungling incompetents are still there dreaming of Stella.

  7. G’day John

    I presume you are off to The “Kitchen” Cabinet Meeting today.

    I don’t want to tell you how to do your job John because you do it so well but could you just film a bit of “Ecca” in action.

    I haven’t seen a good silent movie for ages.

    Can you focus in at some point to see if he has got through puberty.

    Can you also zoom in on his pen to see if he has a cheap plastic one like “The Shyster” uses in court against whistleblowers and whether any ink has been used on Wirralgate cheques.

    Can you also sneak around the back of “Spotty Dog” to see if “Phil the Dill” is the puppet master or whether “Ankles” is under the table.

    Maybe “The Shyster” has just told him to keep his gob shut like he told “The Chamber Potty” over Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    Would you mind also taking a wide shot so we can see how many times she has to wake “The Pretend Friend”.

    Please filter out the glow off “Phil the Dill’s ugly twin brother with the comb over from hell’s” head.

    A shot of the audience would be good to see if “Crabapple” and “Clowncillor Doughnut” are there learning how to be the future twats of Wirral.

    Finally John if you get the chance can you ask that idiot clowncillor if anyone has been in that Community Centre in New Brighton with all those business plans Wirral “Funny” Bizz did badly at £3,000.00 plus a pop.if anyone has been in this year.



  8. Thanks John

    “Phil the Dill” has got one of those cheap plastic pens and a big fat purple head like “Ankles” and “The Shyster” in no particular order and the other fat blinking buffoon with a somewhat purple head doesn’t have a name.

    Could he be Annony Mouse?



    There is more chance of me and “Highbrow” getting proper treatment than this blinker with no name being there in 2020.

    Probably didn’t want to waste time making a card just for a couple of months use.

  9. G’day John

    How was it for you yesterday?

    Did The Kitchen Cabinet discuss their latest fantasy the golf?

    Where is that Stella?

    More importantly did The Kitchen Cabinet discuss this years junket.

    Is the Blinking Boss going with them or does the heat affect the skin?

    I think the most appropriate place would be Greece but a great alternative would be to visit the criminals that are Wirral “Funny” Bizz in Portugal and extradite them. ha ha ha ha ha only about £2,000,000.00



    How in any way shape or form John has this clowncil become the most improved in the country except their ridiculous fantasies got BIGGER?

    I mentioned John ages ago about what some mystery cheques were.

    I presume paying for the resort before it is even off the ground……. there is more chance this course will be off the ground..

    1. In answer to your first question, fine although I don’t like covering two public meetings in the same day.

      Stella wasn’t there.

      No they didn’t discuss a junket.

      No idea on your penultimate question.

      How has it become the most improved?

      Well through a lot of determined hard work by various people and the political will to actually change rather than get stuck in a quagmire.

      Of course some of the improvements have been imposed by changes to central government legislation.

      As to the Hoylake Golf Resort land, yes they’ve been assembling the land on that for a good while and plans are progressing.

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