Another sunny day in Bidston talking to voters

I spent another morning talking to postal voters (who should be receiving their ballot papers in the next week). Today is the last day for postal vote applications.

There were many wishing the Lib Dems well on the doorstep and it is clear that the Conservatives will come a poor third in this election. Out of the three main political parties I have not received any leaflet from one – the Tories.

As there are less candidates this year, some people who previously for other parties are now voting Liberal Democrat.

With three weeks to go, it is obvious that only two sorts of votes will count in this election, those for the Liberal Democrats or those for Labour. There will always be some Tory voters, but if you vote Tory you’ll get Labour!

People have a choice between a local Liberal Democrat candidate who lives in the ward vs a Labour candidate who lives in Oxton.

People have a choice between voting to elect a Lib Dem councillor who will have a say in the running of Wirral Council versus another Labour opposition councillor (to add to the two you have already) who can’t make tough decisions as Labour isn’t in charge.

People have a choice between somebody new and different or the same councillor you’ve had for twenty years.

I understand many people find it hard not to vote Labour. I know there are plenty of people who know Harry Smith. I know there are others who vote because their families always have or because of union involvement. Look around Bidston & St. James. See what it has become under decades of Labour. Do you want more of the same or something different? Do you want someone who lives here and cares passionately about the people and the area or another four years of Labour?

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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