Area Forum – 8/6/2011 Bidston & Claughton, 8/6/2011 Library, University Academy Birkenhead (formerly Park High) Part 5

Cllr George Davies had had a long discussion with the traffic management team, about the triangle from Brassey Street all the way up to Bidston Avenue and the best way to do it. 20mph zones had been added with Sumner Road being the only road not having a 20mph zone in the middle. He didn’t know the logic, but supported the residents 100%. Leaving one road, just made it into a racetrack, Cllr Davies said he 100% supports them. There were a lot of children that lived there and they can’t just wait for an accident to happen. Thinking about what should be done he said the residents don’t want humps, but something novel, such as their own parking down the side of the road or a 1-way system. On behalf of them he would like to see a program drawn up and evaluated. Angela said she was concerned about bricks through her windows.

Cllr Davies said he would take it back to Joey Smith to be looked at and evaluated, but it was a long time to wait for the next Area Forum. Cllr Roberts suggested they leave either other contact numbers.

Cllr Foulkes said there was a mechanism via the Area Forums, a central pot was devolved to the Forum level to be spent wisely. They could put a market down for the money. This years money had been allocated, but it could be added to the program for next year. There was £20,000 to be allocated, he wanted it minuted as an official bid. He also suggested monitoring of traffic coming to Sumner Road through Landsdowne Road.

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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