As promised in a conversation with Cllr Foulkes Election Expenses Return Part 1/2

After I published Cllr Foulkes’ election expenses return last year I agreed with him to publish mine too. Sadly as I had a broken arm, much of it was done (as are most people’s) by their election agent. However, it seems ok with me, but if anyone has any queries, please contact me or Leonora. They’re also on a public register at Wallasey Town Hall for the next two years too. As you can see from my signature on the candidate declaration you can see how bad my handwriting was two weeks after I broke my arm. Then there’s the agent declaration. Leonora actually made a mistake here as she put “Leonora Brace” instead of “John Brace” for the candidate’s name (TBH the forms do get confusing and she was stressed out caring for me), so it had to be redone. However she used blue ink the second time instead of black. Links to the first half of the rest is below. If I number them from 1-14, the following are blank or contain £NIL figures, but I’m sure you wish to see them anyway:- Page 5 (A ADVERTISING) Page 8 (C TRANSPORT) Page 9 (D PUBLIC MEETINGS) Page 10 (E AGENT AND OTHER COSTS) Page 11 (F ACCOMMODATION AND ADMINISTRATION) Page 12 (Unpaid Claims) Page 13 (Disputed Claims) Page 14 (Donations you have received) For the exciting other six pages I will upload another day as 9 A4 sides is enough for one day and it’s time for bed. It’s mainly very dull anyway covering factual stuff such as the ward name, candidate name, agent name, number of people who could vote etc….   The second part of this blog post is here.

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