Audit & Risk Management Committee 28/9/2011 Part 3

He said this had caused the issue of the deadline for approval not being met, there needed to be improvements to working papers and in non-current assets. However the impact had not changed the General Fund balance. The last stages would be there by Friday along with the £6 million change.

However the £6 million change could have an impact on many other figures. This wouldn’t lead to the accounts being qualified but was still an issue. He said there were Value for Money weaknesses in internal control. The opinion was unqualified except for certain items. Wirral Council had to prove value for money on the HESPE contract, there were governance issues at the Department for Adult Social Services, governance issues at the Technical Services Department and whistleblowing needed to be improved.

He confirmed that the son of someone on his audit team works for Wirral Council and that another team member had a relative who had dealings with Wirral Council with respect to buildings, planning and land.

He referred to page 35 and issues to consider and agree as well as page 36. The £6 million was still an issue. Item 2 referred to final adjustments. The amended statements would be agreed tomorrow. The Annual Governance Statement was to be considered by Internal Audit.

Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 detailed the £6 million which had originally been £9.5 million. However out of the £15.975 million they had reanalysed £10 million. The Value for Money conclusion, letter of representation, opinion and Value for Money statement unless there were outstanding objections, they would need to review before the certificate and before they close things done. Changes had to be made before final approval.

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Author: John Brace

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