Be Careful of Cold Callers

Be Careful of Cold Callers


Hi everybody, had a funny experience today. Left John to get on with his work and nipped out to the shops, Wirral Partnership Home’s contractor Bramall Construction were doing the work either side and at the back. I said good morning to the workmen as I went out. I was gone for a matter of an hour.

I was only back for less than seven minutes, when I was putting the rubbish outside and two men came down the steps towards me.

One was dressed very smart, with a suit and an overcoat, hair combed nice and clean-shaven. The other person (man) was dressed in dark polyester trousers, white shirt, comfy jacket, also clean-shaven and hair combed. The first gentleman in the suit asked me was I interested in making my home warmer, damp proof and to save on my electricity and gas bills? I said who are you? All they would tell me was they were from the people who were doing the work for Wirral Partnership Homes.

They said that as there was only two days left, I had to pay £200 to £250, there and then, the rest could be paid once the documents were signed and it could be given the go ahead (the grant). I asked for identification and their names. At that minute, when I asked for their names and identification, they turned around away from me, and said that as I was not interested in a grant they would go elsewhere.

Then they said I could pay £200 to £250 in cash now and I said I don’t carry that much money. They said they would take me to the nearest cashpoint at which point I just laughed. They turned around and went up the steps, turning right at the top. I didn’t see them go into a vehicle.

Be careful of strangers knocking that don’t show any identification and don’t let them in.

Cllr Brian Kenny, Wirral Council Cabinet Member for this area, said: “This seems to be becoming an alarming trend, people falsely claiming to be working for or on behalf of the Council in an attempt to con vulnerable people. However, by following a few simple rules of thumb, people can protect themselves against becoming a victim of this kind of crime.”

“People should always be wary of cold callers to their door anyway, whoever they are. Always find out what organisation they are from and ask to see official ID. Don’t sign any paperwork even if they’re only offering a quote. And never forget, you don’t have to let them in. If you’re unsure or need advice, contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 040506.”

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