Posted by: John Brace | 30th December 2010

Bin collections & rubbish; the plan to deal with the backlog of rubbish

Bin collections & rubbish; the plan to deal with the backlog of rubbish


Well, after yesterday’s post about the bin collections seems things are changing again.

As Cllr Green puts it, “leaving bins uncollected for weeks is not acceptable” and “people also pay their Council Tax and expect a level of service in return”.

So, to summarise as of today (and yesterday) all scheduled collections are happening as they usually do. Anyone who had a missed collection this week should leave their bin out as Biffa will be coming to collect those they missed.

If you missed a green bin collection this week, leave your green bin with any extra bags of rubbish for collection on Sunday morning (Jan 2nd) and it should be emptied in 2-3 days.

Green bin waste is no longer being accepted at the extra ten locations set up to deal with the cold weather, so you can either take it to Bidston tip or hang onto it till Biffa collect it.

You can get more information from Streetscene on 606 2004.

P.S. I realise residents haven’t received the service they expect. Wirral Council deals with rubbish through Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority. The two Wirral councillors on MWDA are Cllr Alan Brighouse (Lib Dem, Oxton, 652 6041) and Cllr Tom Anderson (Conservative, Upton, 608 1899). Maybe you could highlight your concerns with them or in the comments?