Birkenhead Liberal Democrat Party Constituency Executive Suspends John Brace

Birkenhead Liberal Democrat Party Constituency Executive Suspends John Brace


Well, I’ve been suspended from the Birkenhead Liberal Democrat Party following a complaint by Simon Holbrook and Cllr Bridson which centers on two reasons I should be suspended from the party:-

a) disability
b) opening my mouth on the Wirral Globe website in May which led to Cllr Bridson and Simon Holbrook having to "rewrite history" and Simon Holbrook and Cllr Bridson lying to the party in June.

The party didn’t consider it bad enough to chuck me out and reinstated my membership on 6th September 2011. Although they can’t go against Simon Holbrook and a Lib Dem councillor I was removed from all elected party positions within the Lib Dems, barred from holding any position in the Lib Dems for 5 years and barred from being a candidate for the party for five years.

The decision was appealed but nearly three months later nothing has happened since the appeal was received… which isn’t surprising to me, as the resignation of Chris Fox, the Liberal Democrat Chief Executive on September 6th was a way of scapegoating him.

Half of the complaint had to be thrown out due to “lack of evidence”.

The evidence was fabricated for the rest of the complaint, so the complaint was upheld based on fabricated evidence. Mind you the disciplinary panel had had a lot of alcohol to drink by the time they made the decision.

I can’t say much more than that (obviously) as contrary to the complaints procedure I haven’t been provided with a copy of the complaint.

Having written that, if he is concentrating on his career in the Environment Agency he’s showing a funny way of doing it!

We will see what happens when the dust settles. There’ll be a day in court (and a disciplinary meeting sometime in the next 14 weeks) and I’ll write about it here.

It is however quite sad when political parties can’t work together. It seems to be in relation to a comment I left on the Wirral Globe website here.

P.S. Due to the way the party is set up I still remain a member of the Liberal Democrat Party.

UPDATE: 30th October. On 6th September 2011, the disciplinary panel didn’t fully uphold either of the complaints made about me by Cllr Bridson & Simon Holbrook. The second thing I was accused of was impossible, the first was done by someone else.

However, I was accused of being three different people (yes three different people and last time I checked I didn’t have three heads). One was Martin Morton, the second was myself, the third was a person called Hugo.

As the councillor on the disciplinary panel put it in an email to me afterwards, Cllr Steve Foulkes was a Lib Dem party member [which he is incorrect about], and that this was why I should be punished by the Lib Dems.

The disciplinary panel decision has been however appealed and I await the outcome of that Appeals Panel.

It has however shown me the sheer levels of prejudice that exist in people’s hearts towards me on grounds of age, ethnic minority, gender and other “protected characteristics”. I will write more as things unfold and maybe I’ve outgrown the Lib Dems.

Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK

Author: John Brace

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