Posted by: John Brace | 12 June 2011

Bramall Construction and the Labour Cabinet meeting of 2nd June

On 2nd June Labour’s Cabinet met. Cllr George Davies declared a prejudicial interest in item 20 – “Appointment of Keepmoat Homes as the Council’s Preferred Private Developer Partner for Birkenhead (Minute No. 21 refers)” by virtue of his son working for Bramall Construction Limited, part of the Keepmoat Group and left the meeting whilst this matter was under consideration. The minutes are the source for this.

This left 9 councillors to decide (in the absence of the press and public due to it being commercially sensitive).

Yet if the report had anything to do with Bramall Construction Ltd how come the Birkenhead Labour councillors (such as Cllr. Foulkes, Cllr Harry Smith, Cllr Ann McLachlan etc etc) didn’t declare as an interest a £2000 donation to the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party from Bramall Construction Ltd in May 2004?

Admittedly you can’t expect Labour councillors to remember a £2000 donation made 7 years ago… Bramall Construction Ltd state it was for sponsorship of an event the Labour Party held at Prenton Park (Tranmere Rovers ground).

On the subject of Tranmere Rovers, was this similar to the free tickets from Tranmere Rovers (that weren’t declared as an interest but were in the gifts register) that Cllr George Davies, Cllr Harry Smith and Cllr Foulkes received before deciding to renew a sponsorship deal worth over £100,000?

No, I’m sure there is a purely innocent explanation behind these matters…..


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