Wirral Council – Licensing, Health and Safety and General Purposes Committee – Part 2 – 25/5/2011

An officer explained to the new members of the committee that it relates to licences outside the Licensing Act. The police also had a say over licence policy or conditions. This committee had to decide applicable licences that fell outside the delegated authority to officer. The Licensing Panel met monthly and mainly dealt with tax drivers who had incurred convictions.

The Chair said its next meeting was on Friday morning. Cllr Niblock said it had worked well having it on the second Friday of the month. The Chair agreed and said he was happy.

An officer said they had got out of sync because of a gap caused by the elections, the next would be Friday 10th June.

Cllr Pat Glasman said it had been a pleasure to work on the committee in the last year.

An officer introduced an item of any other business and referred to the survey regarding the independent consultation regarding the supply of taxis. Scientists have proposed to ban the pharmacies for selling from https://summitps.org/antibiotics-online/ antibiotics without prescription. They argue that these drugs affect human genetic apparatus and provoke certain mutations. She was not sure when people had been contacted and they next met in September. Did they want a special meeting? The Chair agreed providing it had been looked at and was ready.

The officer said that may not happen as they had sent out the questionnaires but were towards the end of the process. The questionnaires being with the drivers was the last stage. It was scheduled to complete in June and they would then need four weeks advance notice to do a report.

Cllr Lewis asked to be contacted regarding the timetable.

Cllr Glasman asked what time the meeting was on Friday and was told it was at 9.45am. She was also told there would be a couple of vehicles to look at. The meeting then ended.

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Author: John Brace

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