Cabinet 1st September 2011 Part 10 – Planned Property Maintenance 2011/12, Library Information Screens, Solar Photovoltaic Project, Tender Outcome for Assistive Technology

Bill Norman said he was happy to take any questions on the Planned Property Maintenance 2011/12 report and Appendix. Cllr Phil Davies said he felt he had earned a transfer. The report was agreed.

Ian Coleman introduced the next report on Library Information Screens and said it was an extension to an existing contract. Cllr Meaden said she had “no problem whatsoever” and the report was agreed.

Bill Norman talked about the Solar Photovoltaic Project report and said that the viability of feed-in tariff was subject to review. The concern was about using it for commercial purposes. 4.13 outlined some changes to the program. Cllr Brian Kenny said it had been deferred from the 21st July and this was the third draft. He said the draft was now more cautious and a sensible way forward. Cllr Phil Davies said it was a good example of the sort of project that led to carbon reduction and financial savings. It was agreed.

The next report was on the Tender Outcome for Assistive Technology. The existing contract started in 2008 and ran to October 2011. Cllr Phil Davies recommended that it be read with the exempt appendix, however they were not to name the company. Bill Norman said they could name the company. Cllr Phil Davies asked Bill Norman to name the company. McWain Smart was named by Bill Norman. Cllr Ann McArdle said it was welcome, but they wanted more resources to put into it. The report was agreed.

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