Cabinet (Wirral Council) 8th February 2013: Trade Unions Agree to Cabinet’s Decision to Change Severance Scheme

Report on Cabinet meeting of the 7th February 2013 Part 1 with video. UNISON Wirral welcome agreement on severance scheme

Wirral Council: Trade Unions Agree to Labour Cabinet’s Decision to Change Severance Scheme

Wirral Council’s Cabinet decided to reject Chief Executive Graham Burgess’ advice that Wirral Council’s severance scheme should be reduced to the minimum required by law. Councillors opted instead for a multiplier of 1.8 (uncapped) compared to the previous scheme’s multiplier of 2.2 (reports for this agenda item).

A trade union representative gave councillors credit for not going for the statutory scheme. He said the enhanced scheme would help to bring forward volunteers for redundancy. Joe Taylor that had the Cabinet followed the advice to move to just fulfilling their legal requirements then they would’ve balloted their members for strike action.

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Author: John Brace

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One thought on “Cabinet (Wirral Council) 8th February 2013: Trade Unions Agree to Cabinet’s Decision to Change Severance Scheme”

  1. And this is how people’s expectations are massaged downwards. Through smoke and mirrors, the raising of a false spectre, a cruel and dreadful injustice courtesy of this new CEO…..

    …… before along come the swashbuckling rescuers of the cabinet, riding in to “save” one and all, masquerading as “heroes”.

    It’s transparent, amateurish and all oh so predictable. To watch people (some of them probably quite intelligent) being manipulated by fools and then shuffling off muttering, but contented is tremendously galling. Part of you wants to scream, “What the hell are you allowing to happen here? This is your jobs being flushed down the toilet!”

    But the other part knows that so many of these were selfish bystanders, who carried on working for an abusive, crooked council; watched disabled people having their bank accounts plundered of £700,000; did nothing about a 4 week delay in care that may have resulted in the death of one person, then stood by as a UNISON colleague of theirs was hounded out of his livelihood………

    ………..but said absolutely NOTHING.

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