Posted by: John Brace | 21 October 2010

Corsair demolished – Bidston Village Conservation Area

John Brace on the site of the former Corsair pub

John Brace on the site of the former Corsair pub

Residents of Bidston Village and Beechwood had complained about the eyesore that’d been the closed-down Corsair pub at one end of Bidston Village.

Unlike the other pub at the other end of the Beechwood (previously called the Seven Stiles, now the Fender) which just suffered slight vandalism when it was vacant this one had been set alight many times. In May the Corsair had been set alight again taking six fire engines to put out and triggering worries about asbestos as well as traffic problems .

Residents near to the Corsair had received a letter stating the shell of a building was to be demolished earlier this year and were puzzled when it didn’t happen. When I raised it at the June Area Forum, it turned out the owners had appealed the request for demolition; so legal proceedings has slowed the demolition down. As far as I know it was the only derelict, arsoned pub in Bidston & St. James that was adjoining a Conservation Area.

Since then it’s been demolished. The residents are asking what’s going to happen to the site now? Parking is a problem in that area (exacerbated by the loss of the pub car park). I will be making enquiries to see if there are any future plans for the site.