Council – 18th July – Part 3 – Leaders Statement

He said the Carers’ Champion was Cllr Sheila Clarke and the Play Champion Cllr Chris Meaden, as they had needed a Play Champion in order to get a grant. The Compact Champion was Cllr Kelly and there was also Cllr Stapleton. These four Champions had been appointed by the previous Leader. He felt as the leader had changed, the Champions had to change. There was also a Fairtrade, Faith, Surestart and Library Champion. Cllr Foulkes’ view was that as these had been created by the previous Leader there was a case to engage scrutiny to ask the Executive if they would create independent champions or they’d have to be replaced. He thought scrutiny should take up the scrutiny mantle and finally on the vexed issue of councillor’s allowances, he believed the Independent Renumeration Panel should allow political parties to put ideas forward. It was due to convene on the 27th September. However it was “not for councillors to announce their income” and it “should be fair”.

He had welcomed a delegation headed by Du Guoling who had brought new private entrepreneurs from Chinese areas and had been given a presentation on Wirral Waters. He hoped the linked would continue and jobs would be created. Cllr Foulkes said the previous Leader and new Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group were as one and trying to create new business. The Contact Group had created 500 jobs, the Mayor hadn’t made it to the opening of a Travelodge and New Brighton had been “transformed”. He also referred to a (after a few goes at pronouncing it correctly) polyurethane unit in Birkenhead which he said should be celebrated.

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Author: John Brace

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