Council – 18th July – Part 5 – Questions

Cllr Foulkes thanked me for the question, promised a written answer (after consulting with Bill Norman and Cllr Green) but said he hadn’t been Leader of the Council at the time it happened.

The Mayor then asked the Braces to leave and go to the public gallery. Cllr Brace struggled in pain and walked slowly with her stick and they both missed the next few minutes of the meeting as a result.

When they reached the public gallery Cllr Phil Davies was answering a question. His answer made little sense without knowing what the question was.

It was something to do with Green Zone 2025 and the evidence base for the core strategy. Cllr Gilchrist asked a second question, this time to Cllr Foulkes with regards to the Strategic Change Programme. He referred to the fact that the SCP Board had not met since before the election and asked about the political oversight and accountability.

Cllr Foulkes thanked Phil for this question, and said he was “glad he had raised progress regarding the Strategic Change Program”. On Thursday there would be a full meeting over this matter and he wanted to have “proposals as soon as possible”. He referred to the organisation that had taken place after people had left and that himself, the Deputy Leader and portfolio holder were setting a date for an urgent meeting this Friday before there were final conclusions. He recognised the hard work of the previous Chair.

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Author: John Brace

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