Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee 26/3/2012 part 1 (exempt bit)

Well apart from about seven minutes of exempt session, I was present during the whole of the Council Excellence meeting last night.

During those seven minutes (spent in the lobby), the Deputy Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Gerry Ellis arrived (the picture below isn’t from last night but a recent Area Forum that he chaired).

Deputy Mayor Cllr Gerry Ellis

After the Deputy Mayor left to a Mayor’s dinner for Wirral Award recipients, Mike Collins of the Wirral Council’s Community Patrol arrived with a 13-year old youth in tow, who was there to apologise to the a member of the facilities staff because it was alleged he (that is the youth, rather than Mr. Collins or the Deputy Mayor) had thrown stones at cars in the car park.

Mike Collins, Community Patrol said to the youth, “I’m not going to do anything else today, if I come across you again, or the staff have a problem with you again, I’ll be knocking on your door and I’ll be knocking on the school’s door so I’ll speak to the headteacher as well if anything happens with you. Go on and tell your mates to do the same.”

134 Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PH

Author: John Brace

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