Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 31/1/2011 Part 14 – Strategic Change Programme update (continued)

Dave Green replied that he did have a list of assets that were subject to Cabinet agreeing on their disposal. He could supply the list. Cllr Gilchrist requested that he email it to all members. Cllr Keeley mentioned the community centres. Cllr Davies mentioned Westminster House and asked about in Appendix B what the difference between projects one and 44 was? Ian Coleman answered that one referred to savings on all contracts whereas the contract review was reviewing the fifty largest contracts.

Cllr Davies asked for the list of 50 largest contracts. Ian Coleman agreed to send it to him.

Cllr Davies said about street lighting (project 25) that he understood about the dimming, but often the request was for lighting in streets to be brighter and that it had community safety implications.

Mr. Green said it was a modest saving with a pilot of 216 lights in New Brighton. The results would be known about March/april and would form part of a report to Cabinet on the pilot. There was the possibility under invest to save to roll it out across the authority. It would depend on the wattage before it was started though. In the pilot areas some had been turned up as well as dimmed. Cllr Davies said they had to balance energy savings with community safety.

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