Council Excellence Overview and Scrutiny Committee – 31/1/2011 Part 2 – Strategic Change Programme update

Cllr Green joked that the chair “doesn’t want to do that”, Cllr Gilchrist pointed out that this item had been before us several times and there were revisions to the report in the supplementary agenda.

He said that councillors were anxious to see the meat on a lot of projects and were well disposed towards Green and Green. He referred to the monthly board meetings with the next one being on Friday. Cllr Davies asked (directed to Cllr Green and Mr. Green) if the committee could refer to you as the Greens?

Mr. Green said he was happy to go home. He apologised regarding the original report. He had been on holiday when it was written. It was not possible to include details of actual programs. He talked about the approach to governance, risk management, project management tools and administrative processes. The same report was going to Cabinet on Thursday to note the progress and agree the content. There would be a budget resolution seminar. He referred to the efficiencies outlined in section 4.4 of the report which can be read here.

In total there were £10.725 million of savings made from £1.4 million of SCP projects, £2.6 million of business as usual efficiency projects and £6.8 million outlined in appendix C regarding reform of adult social services.

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Author: John Brace

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