Posted by: John Brace | 23rd October 2013

Council (Wirral Council) 14th October 2013 Questions to the Cabinet Member for the Economy (Cllr Pat Hackett)

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These questions start at 20:14 in the video above.

Council (Wirral Council) 14th October 2013 Questions to the Cabinet Member for the Economy (Cllr Pat Hackett)


Continues from Council (Wirral Council) 14th October 2013 Questions to the Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services (Cllr Tony Smith).

Cllr David Elderton asked, “Firstly I’m delighted to hear the progress that’s being made with Neptune Developments, but does the Cabinet Member accept that parking charges, an increase for parking charges and the potential imposition of car parking charges in additional areas in the Borough is having an adverse effect on the viability of retailers, leisure centres and businesses particularly in Birkenhead but elsewhere this will occur particularly around the coast. If so what action does he intend to take to overcome the problem of reduced economic viability?”

Cllr Rob Gregson asked, “Following the savings achieved last year with the apprentice programme, can the Cabinet Member please give an update on the new Wirral apprentice scheme?”

Cllr Geoffrey Watt asked, “Following on from Council in July when his colleague, the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation answered my question concerning the two Council’s car parks in West Kirby reported an increase in revenue but a 14% decrease in the number of different … can the Cabinet Member for the Economy tell the Council what this 14% drop equates to due to footfall and what impact this will have on local businesses?”

Cllr Paul Doughty, “Was the Cabinet Member aware of the work of the scrutiny committee where we’re doing a piece of work investigating the implications of the changes to car parking changes and also the consultative document that’s being investigated and considered by members of the general public? Was he aware of the lack of participation of the Members opposite in that?”

Cllr Chris Blakeley asked, “This is regarding Broadband UK. Is the Cabinet Member aware that BT through their next generation access programme has promised high-speed broadband to Wirral with a promise to deliver in 2012, then 2013, I understand it has been put back to 2014. How will this Broadband UK contract fit in with .. BT who will deliver this project across Wirral and Merseyside particularly Wirral in order that our businesses and our homes can compete with high-speed broadband?”

Continues at Council (Wirral Council) 14th October 2013 Answers to Questions to the Cabinet Member for the Economy (Cllr Pat Hackett).

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  1. These proposed charges,if implemented,will kill any remaining retail and leisure provisions on Wirral in New Brighton the regeneration will rapidly become a deterioration, the parks will become a wilderness and a lot of social care projects will fold. As for the Country Park,has Cheshire been consulted?
    The existing increases are utterly stupid. Who has a pocket full of 5 pence pieces to put in. Usually it is a 10 pence and thus a 5p profit is made on each hour-now isn’t that clever.
    Councillor Smith’ ideas are going to destroy the fabric of Wirral.
    I note that the municipal golf courses will not be having pay parking.